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Cloud 8 Looks to Dominate the Hemp Frontline with Their New 3ML TANK.
Cloud 8
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Cloud 8 has been on the frontlines of the hemp industry for years. In those years, they’ve brought an arsenal of pallet-pleasing strains to market, delivering new and innovative ways to enjoy the hemp vaping experience. With the launch of their new 3ML TANK with SmartDraw Technology™ and V-Chamber design, Cloud 8 has truly outdone themselves by creating a disposable that provides maximum power, durability, and clog reduction, ensuring a perfect pull every time.

What Makes the Cloud 8 TANK Different?

If you’ve been in the cannabis scene, there are tons of various THC disposables. Literally, tons! So, what makes the new Cloud 8 3ML TANK different? Here are some highlights and features worth discussing:

  1. It’s Powerful!
  2. SmartDraw Technology™
  3. V-Shaped Chamber Design
  4. Smooth, cool draws
  5. Sleek and Comfortable
Courtesy Cloud 8

The Unboxing

After you open the new colorful Cloud 8 bag, take notice of the TANK’s feel. This disposable feels good in your hand and offers a comfortable, sleek design. The dark black casing is smooth, slick, and stylish. It easily fits in your pocket, and since the TANK has a smoothly rounded design, you won’t have pointy edges interrupting your daily activities. 

A common problem with disposables is durability. Not for the Cloud 8 TANK. It’s truly armored! There will be no issues with broken canisters with the Cloud 8 TANK as it is encapsulated in what seems to be an exoskeleton of indestructible polymer. The TANK can stand up and endure a fall from mouth-height to concrete. This is a disposable that refuses to break!

Courtesy Cloud 8

SmartDraw Technology™

Hemp is very sticky and hemp disposables are notorious for clogging up. Cloud 8 has boasted that the new 3ML TANK comes with SmartDraw Technology™ which ensures you’re getting the perfect hit, every time. 

They are correct! 

Whether on the low or high setting, the Cloud 8 3ML TANK with SmartDraw Technology™ will provide a pull of perfection filled with robust flavor. This hard-hitting device has no issues vaporizing the distillate. Power!

Another added benefit of the SmartDraw Technology™ is that it will prevent you from over-vaporization. It is self-regulated to ensure that the most optimum temperature is reached to deliver peak potency, and with each pull, a flood of flavor.

Courtesy Cloud 8

V-Shaped Chamber Design

Not only will you never deal with clogs, but you’ll also be able to use all the THC oil inside the device. Take some time to focus on the V-Chamber design.

A clear window display will allow you to see the V-Chamber at work. The distillate inside the TANK is a beautiful, golden haze. Not cloudy. Not dark. This is important as most hemp lovers enjoy seeing the shine of their product in the same manner a wine connoisseur would inspect a fine wine sampling. 

Putting gravity and engineering to work, the Cloud 8 3ML TANK’s V-Chamber design ensures you’re getting all your highly potent THC distillate. 


Clicking the button twice activates the sophisticated preheat function. You’ll immediately notice that with every push of the button, the Cloud 8 3ML TANK lights up. This signifies that the preheat function has been engaged. 

The light will stay lit during the warm-up and will go off when the device is ready for use.

Once the preheat light is off, the TANK is ready to roll. It’s time to taste the future!

Variable Heat Settings

The Cloud 8 3ML TANK with SmartDraw Technology™ comes with a high and low heat setting. Typically, it’s best to start low to ensure you’re experiencing all the delicious terpenes and flavonoids associated with your favorite strain; however the TANK may change your perspective, and here’s why.

Low Heat

Click the activation button five times to cycle through the heat settings. One blink from the light on the device after a five-click cycle signifies the lowest heat setting. 

Upon initial hit, the most noticeable feature will be the cool, smooth draw. There’s not a burnt aftertaste, but rather a burst of delicious flavor and herbal joy. There’s no need to “cough to get off”. Nothing but a polished pull followed by a wave of calm.

One normally only gets this level of a cool smooth draw from water pipes, so to have this comfortable of a pull from a disposable is a welcomed feature. This setting would be perfect for a social sesh.

High Heat

With the lowest heat setting complete, it’s time to up the ante and taste the knockout power behind the TANK. Five clicks of the button will get you to the highest setting. Two blinks from the light on the TANK indicates the highest heat setting is active. Two more clicks to preheat, and off you go!

Again, the most noticeable feature will be the cooling, tranquil draw from the device, however one should not underestimate the power behind the Cloud 8 3ML TANK.

While taking a relatively small draw, the TANK on the high setting will produce a cloud normally only associated with high-capacity nicotine rigs. Puffy and potent, you will truly feel the maximum power behind the device. 

The draw will rush a cloud of deliciously potent Delta-8 THC through your lungs, instantly sending you into a state of bliss and calm.  When getting faded is the goal, use this setting.

Courtesy Cloud 8

Spearheading the Future of Hemp!

Cloud 8 has truly heard the cries of its consumers by developing a device that brings powerful, smooth hits while ensuring you get total use of the 3ML worth of pure Delta-8 THC oil inside, all without the hassle of clogging. 

The new Cloud 8 3ML TANK is poised to set the standard in modern-day hemp vaping, and consumers are ready to experience the power of the New Cloud 8 3ML TANK Disposable!

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