How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Benefit Your Furry Friend

Discover how cannabidiol is not only changing the lives of thousands but also their furry best friend with CBD oil for dogs!
How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Benefit Your Furry Friend
Courtesy of Medix CBD

You may have heard about CBD oil and how hundreds of thousands of people across the United States are using it for its medicinal benefits. What you may not know is that CBD oil for dogs is also becoming widely used throughout America to help man’s best friend cope with several conditions as well. Before purchasing CBD oil for pets, it is important to know what CBD is and its effects. Here we will cover everything you need to know about CBD oil and how it can help your dog live better and healthier life!

What is CBD?

CBD, scientifically known as cannabidiol, is one of over 60 chemicals called cannabinoids that are present in cannabis. CBD is unique because unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinol responsible for the high induced when consuming marijuana, CBD is completely non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not have the ability to alter the mind in any way.

CBD is extracted from hemp plants, which is a derivative of cannabis containing high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC. There are several ways to extract CBD from hemp plants to make CBD oil. Trusted companies like Medix CBD, use a special process called CO2 extraction to make the purest and highest quality CBD oil on the market.

CBD has been used by over one million end-users in recent years to help people of all ages (and now pets) with their medical needs. Extensive research on CBD and its effects on pets such as dogs, indicate that CBD oil for pets may provide our furry friends with various medical benefits as well.

How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Benefit Your Furry Friend
Courtesy of Medix CBD

CBD Oil for Dogs in High Demand

CBD oil for dogs serves as a natural alternative to medications aimed at treating symptoms for conditions that may be affecting your pet. More often than not, dogs are prescribed medications that may be difficult to administer and may also induce harmful side effects. However, because CBD oil for pets is all-natural, it does not produce harmful side effects. And because CBD oil for dogs is bottled in an easy to use tincture with a dropper, administering the oil to your dog will be cake!

CBD oil for pets is administered orally, but it is crucial to know the correct dosage for your dog. Dosages vary based on your dog’s size and medical condition. Medix CBD’s line of premium CBD oil for dogs is offered in different potencies that correspond with small, medium, and large sized dogs. Medix is a respected brand in the CBD industry and takes pride in crafting the highest quality CBD hemp products available.

Medix’s CBD oil for dogs meets the national standard for hemp derived products containing less than 0.3% THC so you can rest assured that their products are 100% non-psychoactive. Their products go through extensive third-party lab testing to ensure a quality product every time.

How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Benefit Your Furry Friend
Courtesy of Medix CBD

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil for pets has been a part of many research studies for its potential medical benefits. Medical professionals have recommended CBD for the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Noise Phobia
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

Dogs and Anxiety

Anxiety affects many dogs. It can be triggered from fear, separation, and even aging. There are many things that can cause dogs to feel anxious due to fear. Noise phobia goes hand-in-hand with anxiety as some dogs become extremely scared when they heard a loud noise. Examples of these loud noises include screaming, slamming of doors, car engines, and fireworks.

Dogs suffer from separation anxiety (particularly puppies) when they are left alone or separated from their owners. Aging can also take a toll on many dogs and cause them to feel anxious. CBD oil for dogs can have a positive effect on reducing your dog’s anxiety, and the best part is that it does it in a completely natural way.

CBD Oil for Dogs May Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Another benefit that CBD oil for dogs can have on your pet is to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from both acute and chronic pains which cause an immense amount of discomfort. This may cause dogs to have trouble walking or prevent them from doing their everyday activities with ease. If this occurs, it can also cause feelings of anxiety.

CBD oil for dogs works to reduce inflammation which in return causes pain levels to deteriorate. We all want our pets to be active and healthy. Pain and inflammation can affect dogs tremendously, but with the help of CBD oil for pets, dogs and other animals alike can be one step closer to living pain free!

How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Benefit Your Furry Friend
Courtesy of Medix CBD

CBD for Dogs with Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a devastating condition for both dogs and owners alike. Watching your furry companion break into an epileptic seizure is one of the most distressing feelings a pet owner can experience. Synthetic treatments to control seizures in dogs can also bring along unwanted side effects. The American Society of Epilepsy has stated that CBD has shown very promising results in studies that have been conducted on its effectiveness to control epileptic seizures.

CBD oil for dogs works with their body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates the mood and physiology in mammals such as humans and dogs. Research indicates that when CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body, conditions such as epilepsy may be controlled. This is great news for pet owners seeking to find a safer alternative for treating their dog’s seizures.

CBD for Dogs with Cancer

Cancer is another serious condition that is often diagnosed to dogs as well. Watching your furry best friend waste away due to cancer is overwhelmingly heartbreaking and causes a lot of stress. Medical treatments exist to help treat cancer and its symptoms, however they are also plagued with damaging side effects. Loss of appetite can also result from conditions such as cancer. This can bring further complications to dogs and cause their health to deteriorate even more.

Medical professionals believe that CBD oil for dogs may help reduce the negative effects caused by treatments such as chemotherapy. It may do so by helping decrease pain, reduce inflammation, and increase appetite by eliminating nausea. CBD is also being researched for its potential to kill cancerous cells which would help decrease the need for synthetic treatments even more.

How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Benefit Your Furry Friend
Courtesy of Medix CBD

Is CBD Oil Right for Your Pet?

CBD oil for dogs has been tested on its effectiveness for these conditions and the results are giving us reasons to get excited about! CBD oil for pets can be as much of a therapeutic relief for you as it is for them when you begin noticing the natural benefits CBD oil can have on your pets.

If you decide to seek CBD treatment for your pet, it is recommended that you keep record of how your pet is behaving before, during, and after treatment. CBD affects each dog slightly differently, so you may want to take note of how your pet reacts to the CBD oil, so you know whether to cut back or to increase the dosage. Video recording of your pet is a smart way to analyze the results of the products since human memory is not always accurate.

All in all, CBD oil for dogs has shown promise for a better natural health solution for your furry pet. Extending the benefits of CBD to pets is one of the best ways to increase their quality of life. Life can be “ruff” sometimes, but with CBD oil for dogs it doesn’t have to be!

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