How Spectrum King LED Keeps Their Customers Lit

Are LEDs right for you?
How Spectrum King LED Keeps Their Customers Lit
Spectrum King

Spectrum King LED is lucky to have customers all over the world using their products. From the casual home grower up to the large commercial facility driven by hard numbers, they have it all covered. People have been farming for millennia, growing indoors for centuries, and lighting indoor crops for over a century. From that perspective, LEDs are kind of the new kid on the block. This “new kid” is making a lot of noise lately, and Spectrum King LED quite proud of that.

Like anything new, there can be hesitation, nay-sayers, and idle gossip along with early adopters, technologically-savvy people, and the simply curious. Forward-thinking people who have grown cannabis with Spectrum King LED products and have seen the benefits with their own eyes are aplenty these days, so finding someone to ask about their experiences with their products isn’t that hard to do.

Remember when CDs came out? The vinyl purists said they would never replace the once-beloved vinyl record. Well, they did. And then came the digital download and things were shaken up yet again. Don’t fear progress; it’s happening whether you’re aware of it or not.

That being said, growing plants is not a “one size fits all” type scenario. You will find on your own that growing with LEDs has caveats just like growing with bulbs do, with the only exception being that you may already know the caveats associated with growing under HPS & MH bulbs and take them as gospel for growing. Once you know the differences necessary for success under LEDs, you’ll find numerous secondary benefits, like much less AC usage, lower power bills, and even rebates from some power companies!

More Benefits

Growing plants under Spectrum King LED’s lights will take you back outdoors in a lot of ways. Under Spectrum King LED grow lights, your plants will act more like outdoor plants and will want it hotter and more humid (have you ever been to Jamaica, Columbia, Panama or Malawi?) just like these strains would find in their native habitats. Once you accept these simple changes for growing with LEDs, then you’ll see additional benefits as well such as THC percentages in your prized cannabis crop.

Spectrum King LED has multiple customers who have provided them with lab tests showing the quality that they achieved, such as the White Angel strain from Koala Green Development in Adelanto, CA which came back at 32.69% THC! As you can imagine, they are very happy with their LED grow light choice. You can have a more abundant harvest with an exceptional terpene profile to really capture the essence of your chosen crop. Let your olfactory senses run wild with the aromas and flavors that your Spectrum King LEDs will bring to the surface. Just follow the lead of so many others who have made the switch and listened to the company’s recommendations for best results. It truly is a win-win situation.

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  1. Marijuana grow times vary from variety to variety, as well as being fully dependent on the approach you take to growing. There are many factors will affect the total time until you have ‘ready’ buds, by days, weeks or even months. This includes your strain, your setup, and how big you plan to grow your plants. Yes you most certainly can grow marijuana with an LED light and that is actually my preferred method of growing, especially for when growing at home. The reason LED is so nice for home grow is it doesn’t use a lot of electricity and barely gives off any heat. Makes things much easier for a new grower and less expensive for everyone!

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