Industry Vet Robert Ellis aka yungrobgoincrazy Has the Streets Buzzing with His New Single ‘Pass Go$$’

We experience life’s greatest highs when a plan becomes reality; that has been especially true for Robert Ellis IV, also known as yungrobgoincrazy.

Originally from the I.E. (Inland Empire) Yung Rob also has deep roots within San Francisco’s Bay Area specifically the Hunter’s Point area. It’s fitting since he’s blessed with the same entrepreneurial spirit and independent hustle the Bay is known for. Born to a mom who was a singer in the 90s, yungrobgoincrazy has been around music his whole life. He would accompany his mom during her long studio sessions and write poems to deal with heartbreak; subconsciously he has always used his creativity an outlet to develop his growth.

His artistic output and future opportunities took off once he found another spark for his ambition – cannabis. He thrived by combining it with his other loves; basketball and music. Turning himself into a creative beast and a one-man army. He earned a full ride basketball scholarship and had a successful career in the automotive industry prior to getting into marketing for cannabis brands. Already a skilled songwriter, he combined his knack for marketing and his charisma to become yungrobgoincrazy.

Armed with the invaluable knowledge he gained through years of experience in the entrepreneurial world, he began to brand himself and these results are just a preview of what’s to come. He’s become a star on the rise with a reputation for creating memorable sounds, like 2022’s viral hit “Jetty Jingle” for Jetty Extracts one of the last legacy brands that are still in operation, based out of Oakland. His latest song combines his two worlds into a smash called “Pass Go$$.”

The new single coincides with the unveiling of “Paper Bag$ (PB$)”, a premium flower cannabis brand. PB$ will be manufactured and distributed by Loogaroo Logistics, a new cannabis lab and distribution company based out of Palm Springs. The project has been years in the making and is set to roll out Yung Rob’s plan for accessible and affordable cannabis in California’s legal dispensary system. It’s one of his many passions, which also include philanthropy and preparing kids for life through sports programs and youth outreach. With “Paper Bag$” featuring 5-gram bags of premium indoor flower and a blazing new song to join it, there is no stopping the force of Yung Rob’s impending wave.

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