Joint Machines – Make the Best Choice for You

If you’re unable to grind your cannabis and roll it into a joint, a device that does both for you could be the solution you need.
Joint Machines – Make the Best Choice for You
Courtesy of Banana Bros.

Rolling a doobie. Twisting one up. Skinning up. Whatever you want to call it, the joint rolling process is a time-honored ritual. As cannabis legalization continues to roll out (no pun intended) across the United States and the rest of the world, more and more consumers are entering the market looking for efficient ways to get high. In this new wave of cannabis waxes, oils, resins, extracts, and all kinds of innovative products, the old way of doing things just doesn’t cut it.

Rolling up a joint sounds easy enough, right? Just fill it, lick the paper, and roll. Simple. But if you’ve managed to perfect the process, you know that rolling a J is an art form all to itself. This is definitely one case where simple doesn’t always equal easy. Good bud means sticky bud, and sticky bud means sticky fingers. And that means your paper is ripping, bud is falling out, and it’s killing the whole vibe.

So what do you do? You’ve got your herb; you’ve got your papers. But before you can puff, puff, pass, you somehow need to pull off that perfect joint roll. For those who like to smoke Js without the extra hassle, there’s an easy workaround: a joint machine.

What is a Joint Rolling Machine?

A joint rolling machine is a great investment for smokers that brings a host of perks and benefits to the cannabis experience. Here are just a few:

1) No Mess: Your grandfather’s old-school cigarette roller has been modified for size to meet the joint rolling needs of today’s modern cannabis culture. From small pinners to fat blunt spinners, one thing is always the same: no more sticky fingers. Just fill it, slide a rolling paper in, and let the machine do the rest.

2) It’s Fast: With a joint rolling machine, you can roll a solid joint in seconds. They’re great for twisting up larger quantities to use in personal packs without spending all day doing it.  Multi-cone loader machines are ideal for dispensaries or anyone needing to prepare large amounts of pre-rolls in a hurry.

3) Discretion and Privacy: Gone are the days of breaking out the frisbee and breaking up your weed by hand. Now the joint machine does all the work, so you can skin up discreetly without distractions.

4) Medical Patients: For medical cannabis patients suffering from arthritis or limited mobility, a joint machine is a way to enjoy a means of cannabis consumption they otherwise wouldn’t have access to due to limited dexterity or impaired motor skills.

5) Sometimes It’s Just Better: Even for veteran joint rollers, twisting up the perfect one takes tons of practice and patience. And not all bud is created equal; some is easier to work with than others. A roller is there when you need the job done right with minimal effort.

Rolling Machine and Cannabis Grinder: A Match Made in Marijuana Heaven

Like the rolling machine, the hand grinder, used to break up dried herbs and plants, pre-dates modern cannabis culture. Both of these devices have been adapted and improved over time to meet the demands of this booming industry.

But if you’ve ever used a classic metal or plastic cannabis grinder to grind up dank top-shelf bud, you’ll know how quickly it gets stuck as you strain to twist the two halves against each other. Grinding up your weed shouldn’t have to be such a struggle!

An electric grinder is a lifesaver when it comes to un-sticking the issue. You can find your share of powerful electric grinders available online, in the form of tobacco grinders, coffee grinders, and spice grinders. The problem is very few brands have designed a smart grinder that specifically caters to the cannabis crowd.

The Future of Joint Machines Has Arrived

Modern technology and automation has been kind to the cannabis industry. Popularity continues to rise as more and more states and countries around the world legalize cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes. As the market expands, so does the demand for newer and more streamlined smoking accessories and lifestyle options.

Cutting-edge yet affordable products like the OTTO from Banana Bros. are ushering in the new era of cannabis consumption. This forward-thinking smoking tool combines the power of an electric grinder with the convenience of a joint machine that fills pre-rolled cones with precision-packed bud every time. Imagine: a joint rolling experience that’s not only completely mess-free but also fully hands-free. Just load up your favorite strain, press the button, and enjoy!

Joint Machines – Make the Best Choice for You
Courtesy of Banana Bros.

No More Boating the J

Anyone who’s spent time in a smoking circle knows that nothing ruins a mellow session quite like a boating joint. ‘Boating’ or ‘canoeing’ refers to a joint that burns unevenly, lighting up one side while leaving the other green and unburned. This happens due to inconsistencies in the process. Luckily, boating the joint isn’t a problem if you use rolling paper cones.

Rolling paper cones, like the premium set Banana Bros. offers with their OTTO machine, let you avoid the hassle of inconsistent density in your joints. Rolling paper cones allow weed to be easily packed for a smooth, even burn all the way to the end. A product like the OTTO is versatile and adaptable, letting you use any brand of cones, not just the ones from Banana Bros.

With so many options on the market for grinding, rolling and enjoying your cannabis, it can be hard to know which joint machine to invest in. Something bare bones and basic? Or a one-stop shop modern machine like the OTTO? Whatever you decide, the good news is there’s something out there for every taste and preference.

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