Jointly: The Health + Cannabis App

Jointly helps people discover purposeful cannabis consumption to live better, naturally.
Jointly: The Health + Cannabis App
Courtesy of Jointly

Jointly is a cannabis wellness app that launched in April 2020. Jointly’s mission is to help people discover purposeful cannabis consumption so that they can achieve their wellness goals with cannabis and CBD.

Purposeful cannabis consumption means using cannabis for specific wellness purposes, tracking the factors that can impact your experience, and optimizing how you consume cannabis so you can achieve your ideal state every time.

Here’s how Jointly works:

1) Choose why you are using cannabis from our list of common wellness goals. These include relaxation, improved sleep, anxiety reduction, enhanced intimacy in the bedroom, and more.

2) Track your consumption and learn how Jointly’s 15 factors impact your individual experience. 

3) Discover new products and better routines that will help you achieve your wellness goals. 

Why Do You Use Cannabis?

Purposeful cannabis consumption starts with the question: why do you use cannabis? The next question is: are you achieving that goal? As the saying goes: if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. 

With Jointly, you set goals for why you are using cannabis and measure how well a cannabis product helps you achieve your wellness goals.

As you record how each product affects you, Jointly helps you track the 15 factors that can impact your individual cannabis experience. These factors include your dose, when you last consumed cannabis, your hydration level, how much sleep you got last night and more.

By tracking the 15 factors, you will learn how to turn the dials on your cannabis consumption so that you can minimize adverse side effects and enjoy your ideal experience every time.

Jointly: The Health + Cannabis App
Courtesy of Jointly

Want To Live Better With Cannabis?

Experienced cannabis connoisseurs know the difference between that perfect feeling – the one they’re always hoping for—and the one where it’s just not quite working. Maybe they’re experiencing unwanted side effects, or maybe the product they chose just isn’t giving them the feeling they wanted.

With Jointly, everyone can learn to get that perfect feeling more often.

But everyone is unique. People have different genetics, work schedules, life stresses, dietary habits, and sleep hygiene. That means there is no quick fix or cheat sheet to understand how a cannabis product will affect someone.  

To get the benefit of Jointly, one has to create reports.

Our data indicates that Jointly users who create at least ten reports improve their results by 38%

If you only fill out a few reports and then stop, you won’t have enough data to start to see trends and improve how you consume cannabis.

How Are Jointly Users Improving Their Results?

According to experts in the cannabis wellness space, there are at least 15 factors that can impact your cannabis experience. 

These 15 factors include things like how much sleep you got last night, how hydrated you are, whether you are alone or with friends, when you last consumed cannabis, what ingestion method you choose and more.

All these factors can change the way cannabis affects you. Jointly allows you to track these factors to understand how they affect you individually.

As you learn to dial in these factors and optimize how you consume cannabis, your average ratings should go up. 

For example, maybe you have a favorite indica tincture that helps you sleep. It works fairly well, but sometimes the tincture makes you anxious. When you are anxious, you don’t sleep as well. You rate the tincture 6/10: it works, but it’s hit or miss.

But after you track ten sessions on Jointly, you realize that when you take the tincture while you are dehydrated, you are more likely to experience anxiety. 

As a result, you make sure to drink extra water on the nights you take the tincture, you sleep better and experience less anxiety, and you rate the tincture 9/10 for improving your sleep.

Jointly: The Health + Cannabis App
Courtesy of Jointly

Discovering New Products With Jointly

When you rate a cannabis or CBD product on Jointly, you are actually rating how well a product helped you achieve your wellness goals.

Based on your ratings, Jointly will suggest new products that may be better suited to your wellness goals. 

When you use Jointly’s Product Finder to function to discover new products, you get to see how other Jointly users rated a cannabis product—based on how well it helped them achieve a specific wellness goal. 

The recently launched Jointly 2.0 has a new feature that allows you to filter products by flavor and product type.

For example, you could look up the top lemon-flavored cannabis tinctures for stimulating creativity. Or the top oil pens for improving sleep. 

Purposeful Cannabis Consumers Make Better Patients and Customers

Jointly is all about using data to improve how you consume cannabis. 

Jointly users who optimize their consumption are educated, active and engaged cannabis consumers. 

That means Jointly users are better patients for medical marijuana doctors because they learn how to get the most out of their medicine. 

And that also means that Jointly users make for better customers for dispensaries and delivery services because they are on a wellness journey that encourages experimenting with different products, ingestion methods and cannabinoid profiles. 

Jointly: The Health + Cannabis App
Courtesy of Jointly

Jointly Helps You Enjoy The Same Products More

There are tens of thousands of different cannabis products available on the market. 

Many of these products are created for specific wellness purposes like managing pain, enhancing intimacy and boosting focus. Jointly users are better customers for wellness brands because they are using products with these specific wellness goals in mind.

Additionally, Jointly users learn to enjoy the same products 38% more than without Jointly.

Cannabis brands should want their customers to use Jointly because Jointly users will learn how to enjoy the same products more. 

Jointly Is Here to Help On Your Cannabis Wellness Journey

Cannabis can improve people’s lives and help them achieve their wellness goals. But generations of prohibition have created a formidable stigma around cannabis.

As a cannabis wellness company, Jointly’s goal is to help end the stigma by changing the conversation about cannabis. 

At Jointly, cannabis wellness is about more than getting high. 

Cannabis wellness is about harnessing the power of cannabis and CBD to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Jointly invites you to download the app and get started on your cannabis wellness journey!

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