Kratom Benefits and Why Quality is Important

Kratom is a popular substance used medicinally for a variety of reasons around the globe. It’s important to select high-quality kratom.
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The benefits of kratom can be life-changing and profound for some users, but that is only the case when the kratom is good quality. It is a good idea to not only review the potential benefits of the plant, but also know why it is important to find high-quality kratom and how to do so. 

But first, you may not even know exactly what kratom is, even if you have heard of it before.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree indigenous to Southeast Asia long used for its medicinal effects. It is a member of the same family as coffee and grows in humid, marshy jungles in southern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and other locations in the Pacific Rim. 

Kratom, also known as ketum, contains a wide variety of different alkaloidal compounds that provide psychoactive effects when ingested. Traditionally, the fresh leaves were chewed or brewed into a tea. While these methods are still somewhat popular, a lot of people also directly take kratom powder, which is powdered kratom leaves. You may also find kratom capsules to  be beneficial for convenience. 

The effects of kratom range greatly depending on the vein color, strain, dose, and other factors. To know whether it is something that you may enjoy or that may help with your well-being, it is important to examine the potential benefits and factors. 

Courtesy of Ketum Superior Kratom

Is Kratom Right for You?

There are three main colors of kratom: white, red and green, plus the less common yellow color. Each color offers its own unique effects. While they all contain the same alkaloids, the balance can determine the results that are most likely to be present in certain strains. Knowing the different effects can help you determine if kratom offers something that you may be interested in. 

Red kratom is known for being the most relaxing strain and is commonly used for relieving tension and discomfort. You may also find that it can help you find tranquility after a long, stressful day and that it is good for nighttime because it is unlikely to disrupt sleep. Popular red vein varieties include Red Bali and Red Thai.

White kratom is on the opposite end of the spectrum from red types because it is more energetic and stimulating. This is great for productivity and wonderful alongside your morning coffee or even as a caffeine-free alternative. Super White and White Borneo are the two strains that exemplify the white, energetic effect the most. 

Green strains, like Green Malay and Green Maeng Da, are some of the most popular, because the effects are the epitome of the kratom experience, landing somewhere between the energetic feelings of white strains and the sedative qualities of reds. This balance can be good for relaxing without drowsiness or energy without excessive stimulation. 

Finally, there are also yellow strains that offer effects that are a little harder to pinpoint. Most people claim that the effects are somewhere between reds and greens offering less energy, but more sedation without causing sleepiness. This is certainly true of Yellow Kali. However, some of the more energetic yellow strains, like Yellow Gold, are just as stimulating, if not more so, than greens, but do have a potent effect in comparison. 

Since the effects can vary greatly between colors and strains, kratom can be used for a wide range of benefits. If you have mental tension or physical discomfort, then some of the more tranquil and calming strains may help you. If you often find yourself fatigued with low energy, then more stimulating options may be a better choice. Sometimes it can take trial and error to decide if kratom is right for you and, if so, which types are best for your needs and desires.

Courtesy of Ketum Superior Kratom

Yes, it is legal, but in the last few years, the FDA has pushed against the use of kratom as a viable option. Just this year, they pursued a ban from the World Health Organization, but luckily, the evidence against kratom was not enough to support a complete review, and WHO determined that it was best to avoid a ban so that it could be researched and to allow people to continue using the plant for beneficial reasons. 

Therefore, kratom remains legal in the United States and much of the world and according to the federal government and in most places it is completely legal to sell and consume. However, some local and state jurisdictions do have regulations, rules and outright bans against the herb that you will need to take into account before possessing it. 

Why is it Important to Buy Quality?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors and manufacturers. This can be confusing, and it can be hard to decide which one to choose. While there are plenty of great sellers with high-quality products at an affordable price, there are also poor quality places that you want to avoid. Why is that?

The first reason is because of potency. If you want powerful results without taking too much powder, then pure, potent kratom is desirable. Good, fresh and potent kratom will have noticeable results at a small dose. This also allows you to control your dosage better and more quickly. Plus, the taste is generally much better than it is with potentially old or deteriorated products. 

Another reason to be concerned with the quality of the kratom that you consume is safety. With a lack of regulations, kratom products are not always pure and free of contaminants. Quality kratom vendors will ensure that the powder does not contain a high level of dangerous  heavy metals and that it is free of contaminants like E. Coli that can make you sick. This is probably the most important reason that you should want to find high-quality solutions. 

Quality product will also be more consistent, which means you are more protected against dosing too much or too little. While it is still a plant with varying concentrations of alkaloids, the best kratom plants are grown with experienced farmers who know how to create an always potent, always uniform product.

How to Determine Quality

So, now you know why you should want to get quality kratom, but how do you determine what kratom is good and which you should avoid? 

While it can be hard to tell potency from the powder itself, the strongest options will usually have a strong, fresh smell that connoisseurs often compare to tea or freshly cut grass. The powder should be dense, even when finely ground and generally will have a bright green color, but may also have reddish or whitish tint depending on the strain. It should not be brown, and the consistency should be the same all the way through. 

Finding a reputable vendor is the best thing that you can do to ensure quality. There are tons of online stores and it is good to find one that has a good reputation around forums and online communities. In addition, you want one that takes their product seriously, which means they do independent testing of their kratom for heavy metals and other contaminants. 

The price of kratom is not always a good way to judge a brand and some high priced kratom, particularly those brands that are found in gas stations and smoke shops, can be lower quality than many of the lower to mid range options. Sure, you probably want to take your own budget into account, but do not judge kratom quality based on high or low price. You can also check the American Kratom Association (AKA) for their approved vendors and members of the Good Manufacturing Practice Program (GMP).

The best vendors will generally offer a money-back guarantee for unopened purchases because they believe in their product. This, again, may not be something that all the best vendors offer, but it is something to consider, especially if you want to try a few different brands before deciding on your favorite. 

Who is Ketum Superior Kratom?

Ketum Superior Kratom is a brand known for their good relationship with overseas farms that only harvest mature leaves to ensure potency and predictable effects. Not only do they offer a full refund for all unopened products within a week of purchase, but they also offer free shipping, affordable prices, and a wide variety of organic strains, extracts, tablets and more as well as Delta-8 products. 

They also publish their lab test results for potential customers to peruse so you know that they are doing what they can to offer safe product year round. Experienced users often recommend Ketum for superb powders, consistent results and friendly service. 

Courtesy of Ketum Superior Kratom
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  1. What a wonderful blog! Well said, among hundreds of manufacturers and vendors, finding a trusted one is not an easy task. If we’re intaking kratom then it should be of premium quality so that it won’t harm our bodies and that a smaller quantity is adequate to provide positive and noticeable results. Therefore, it’s critical for kratom consumers to choose a reliable kratom supplier.

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