No Fools: dr.delights Makes Cannabis Predictable

Outcome-focused formulas help people perk up, relax, and sleep… all according to plan.
No Fools: dr.delights Makes Cannabis Predictable
Courtesy of dr.delights

The old “fool me once” adage gets cannabis into trouble. Nowadays people are increasingly curious about using cannabis for wellness, but some stay on the sidelines with memories of side effects. Will it make them sleepy? Paranoid? Lost?

As one baby boomer recalls, “I tried it in the sixties and couldn’t find my house.”

Aiming to make THC experiences predictable, dr.delights joined the California cannabis market in 2014. Today the company offers vape pens, tinctures and salves with a range of outcome-focused formulas. Typical effects are made clear with main product line names: Elevate, Relieve, Relax and Snooze.

Beyond THC: The “Babysitter” CBD

Cannabis plants are most famous for being THC factories. However, they make many other compounds to survive and thrive. Some of these compounds help explain why smoking cannabis can bring unpredictable effects. Most important for “psychoactive predictability” though are the relative levels of CBD and THC.

“Knowing the ratio of delta-9 THC to CBD is key to predicting your cannabis experience,” says Latif Horst, dr.delights CEO and co-founder. “The more CBD, the less THC will have psychotropic effects. I liken it to a responsible babysitter or tutor. CBD keeps THC focused on healing your body instead of playing around in the mind.”

dr.delights distills THC and CBD oils, then blends them in ratios meant to support focused activity, sound sleep and more.

For those who prefer no THC, the company also makes CBD-only vape pens and tinctures for pain relief, relaxation and other specific outcomes.

Boosted with Terpenes

The main key to a predictable cannabis outcome is the ratio of delta-9-THC to CBD. Also important though are terpenes, which add nuance to the experience. These plant compounds are usually aromatic – they’re central to aromatherapy – but terpenes include vitamin E and other odorless substances too.

Cannabis, as well as tens of thousands of other plants, make terpenes to attract pollinators and otherwise maintain well-being. Terpenes can benefit the human body too… as if we’re essentially plants with emotions. They can fight inflammation, help ease anxiety and otherwise work to balance fundamental mind/body processes. Terpenes are partly why fruits and vegetables are good for you.

A classic terpene example is linalool. “A small amount of linalool in our Snooze THC formulas can boost the calming effect,” says dr.delights co-founder and product designer Rose Burnett.

Linalool is present in different concentrations in cannabis plants, but it also contributes to the distinct scent of lavender oil, which people have used as a sedative for millennia.

At the other end of the spectrum, says Burnett, terpenes such as limonene tend to have an uplifting effect. This compound found in cannabis and citrus fruits adds flavor to dr.delights Elevate vape oils and tinctures.

No Fools: dr.delights Makes Cannabis Predictable
Courtesy of dr.delights

Microdoses of THC and CBD

Also essential for predictable cannabis experiences is known dosing. With a pipe or joint, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what you’re inhaling. With a dr.delights vape pen or tincture, the ingredients and their ratios are clear every time.

“Each pen holds 100 microdoses of cannabis oil,” says Horst. “When you inhale a full microdose, the oil automatically stops flowing into vapor. A light blinks to show success.”

The company’s cannabis tinctures support precise dosing too. Each bottle holds 60 5-mg microdoses, and a dropper is marked for doses of one to 10 mg. For no fools, and to make your dispensary dollars stretch further, a guide to efficient dosing is posted at the dr.delights blog.

No Fools: dr.delights Makes Cannabis Predictable
Courtesy of dr.delights

Choose a Blend or DIY

Also for sale in California dispensaries are dr.delights vape pens with just one cannabinoid each: CBD Pure and Delta 9. Horst’s eyes light up as he describes their DIY potential.

“With a set of pens, you can choose your ideal mix of cannabinoids. Maybe in the morning you have a few doses of CBD Pure. Later in the day, you puff CBD and add a dose of Delta 9. Listen to your body and make your own mix!”

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