The Perfection Of The Pre Roll: The Future For Cannabis Connoisseurs

The perfect joint is the Holy Grail of cannabis consumables.
The Perfection Of The Pre Roll: The Future For Cannabis Connoisseurs
Courtesy of CLSICS

We all remember our first time. That fateful moment where you first met her still sticks in our minds like a freshly picked OG Kush nug to your fingers. Since that day, you have tried countless marijuana consumption methods, but chances are your first inhale came from the crutch of a joint rolled with care. 

The joint. Simple yet complex. Elegant yet potent. The true cannabis connoisseur’s number one choice.

Ask anyone who has ever tried to roll one, the perfect joint is the Holy Grail of cannabis consumables. Since the prohibition wall first started to crack, pre rolled joints, wrapped by professionals have been the benchmark to which all legal marijuana brands are measured. 

This is the future though. A future where cannabis technology has pushed past the limits of what we could have ever dreamt of when we were high in our dorm rooms 20 years ago. Extraction methods have allowed for THC consumption to change with the times. Some for the better, others for the worse. True lovers of the flower know butane and Co2 don’t belong in the world of cannabis. Today’s expert extractors now know that chemicals do not need to be added to the plant to extract the terpenes.  It simply takes knowledge and dedication to the craft of solventless extraction

Today’s consumers crave a consumption method that both pays tribute to the trichomes, but one with an ease of delivery and potency that has adapted to the times we live in. But is there a product like this out there?

The Perfection Of The Pre Roll: The Future For Cannabis Connoisseurs
Courtesy of CLSICS

Dip’s & Rod’s Pre Rolls: The FIRST Try at Pre Roll Evolution

The joint needed a boost. How do we get the potency of concentrates into the portability of a joint? Perhaps you have tried some of the failed methods yourself. Valiant though their efforts might have been they couldn’t quite achieve perfection. 

A common method that is still currently used is known as the ‘tarantula’. Nicknamed for its striking resemblance to a furry spider leg, these joints were rolled in sticky extracts, then dipped in kief. While this method was a good idea, it brought a whole new list of issues for the consumer and the brands creating them. First, because the extracts were on the outside of the joints were ‘burning out’. This meant most of the concentrate on the outside was not being inhaled wasting precious THC. 

Also, it caused runs. Uneven burns that are the achilles heel of the joint consumer. Nothing is more frustrating watching your joint look more and more like a waffle cone. There was virtually no way to prevent this with the ‘tarantula methed’. Joints would stick to the sides of the canisters they were sent in. Go above room temperature and the product runs the risk of becoming uneven. 

Then there were the rod injections. Finely rolled bits of concentrate that would be placed in the middle of the joint like a piston rod. While this would seem to solve the waste issue, the extract burned at a different rate from the flower causing a red glowing volcanic shaped tip. Inefficient. 

The Perfection Of The Pre Roll: The Future For Cannabis Connoisseurs
Courtesy of CLSICS

The Perfect Infused Pre Roll

Few companies have the capability to create full spectrum solventless extracts. Extracts capable of giving its inhaler “the Entourage Effect”. This is the mechanism for which cannabis compounds other than just THC synergistically dance with each other. The effect has been known to create a perfectly balanced state of euphoria, giving the enjoyer a truly elevated high. Even fewer companies have figured out how to combine their extracts with a preroll.  

However, a pack leader has emerged out of San Diego, California. The brand is CLSICS.

and they have succeeded where many other companies have failed. They have created an incredible line of infused pre rolled joints using a proprietary method. 

The geniuses inside their research team have invented a solventless concentrate-to-flower infusion process that is turning heads industry wide. Live rosin or hash can be bound to the highest quality flower grown in the state. 

That’s when the magic truly happens. They pack this live rosin infused bud into evenly packed joints of carefully crafted sizes. Once the flame touches? Bliss.

The full spectrum high that can be achieved by a true infusion of live rosin to flower is unmatched. The full flavor profile of each terpene is on display. Users say they can taste the trichrome in each puff as ‘The Entourage Effect’ is engaged, giving the lucky individual enjoying it a glimpse at the apex of cannabis extraction. 

When solventless extraction is done right, it’s an art form. CLSICS has taken that art very literally. Their line of live rosin and rosin infused pre rolls are the best the industry has to offer. Whether you get the 1.3g rosin infused joint, the .7g joint, or a pack of 10 mini .3g  “dog walkers”  or mini’s, perfect for a trip around the block, this is the pinnacle of refined smoke and vapor. 

The Southern California connoisseurs of cannabis at CLSICS aren’t just creating innovative new products, they are paving the way for a bright new future of green leaf enthusiasts across the state. The San Diego company uses just heat, ice, water, and pressure. It’s simple yet beautiful. It’s effective, clean and deeply potent.

These pre rolled joints allowed me to experience something I haven’t since I was in my early 20’s. A full spectrum high with a lasting effect, plus the flavor and smell of the first time experiencing cannabis. They provide the taste of properly curated terpenes with the punch of a dab hit. These delicious beauties make you pine for a laser light show or your favorite comedian on Netflix. The packaging is elegant featuring hand drawn eagles, snakes and even extraterrestrials. They are  the perfect precursor to the classic cannabis experience that awaits you once ignited.

The joint has been with us since the beginning. It has marked the time, and been the great equalizer in cannabis. With innovative companies like CLSICS and their solventless creations, we are living in the utopia we had all hoped for.

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