Spectrum King LED Is Now DLC Listed, Which Means A High Level Of Energy Efficiency

The SK602 from Spectrum King LED has been fully tested and approved as a high-quality, energy-efficient product.
Spectrum King LED Is Now DLC Listed For A High Level Of Energy Efficiency
Spectrum King LED’s SK602/ Courtesy Spectrum King LED

Spectrum King LED, a leading grow light manufacturer, is now proudly DLC listed. The benefits of using safety-rated and DLC listed equipment go beyond peace of mind. When you see that something is DLC listed, it makes your investment research easier, because it’s third-party verification and validation from a trusted and well-known source.

In addition to the outstanding warranty for light degradation that Spectrum King LED provides (which no other competitor offers), the high-quality stamp from DLC makes it even clearer you can buy this grow light with confidence and trust. Another additional benefit of DLC listed equipment is that many power companies offer rebates for either retrofitting or installing new energy-efficient products. It’s definitely worth asking your power company if they do, as that’s money back in your pocket, which no bulb fixture can get you.

The SK602 is trusted by both home growers and commercial growers alike, all over the world. It’s a 630-watt full-spectrum LED grow light made in the USA, which replaces 1000-watt double-ended bulbs. It is assembled in Los Angeles and can be made to run on 120v single phase up to 600v 3 phase with the company’s remote power system. It’s also compliant nationwide, as well as IP65 rated for safety and water resistance. It can be configured to run anywhere on earth, which makes it one of the most versatile fixtures you’ll ever see. You should always check and see if any products you are looking at are third-party verified and listed for safety and efficiency.

Unlike any other company, Spectrum King LED furnishes the SK602 with a dual warranty. It carries a three-year guarantee to maintain 90 percent or more of its original light output with regular use. There’s also a five-year mechanical warranty on all parts and labor. Once again, no other company offers a dual warranty like this, and literally no one offers a light output guarantee. Please look around and read up on all the products you use. You will see that Spectrum King LED displays a manufacturer’s true confidence in their products by offering and backing the three-year light output guarantee and five-year guarantee on parts and labor.

No bulb from anyone on earth will make that claim, because they can’t—and other light sources don’t, either.

Spectrum King LED is excited to be DLC listed as it shows their commitment to energy efficiency. They look forward to future products also being DLC listed so consumers will always have guaranteed and safety-rated lighting fixtures.

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