Strongest THC Vapes You Need To Try

Binoid has you covered with the most potent THC vapes on the market.

Today’s cannabis customers by and large believe that the stronger, the better.  With the ultra-potent strains that are in circulation, it’s no surprise that many people out there have a high tolerance to THC-based cannabinoids, and even crave something that will get them as high as possible.

If you’re one of those enthusiasts who isn’t afraid of a powerful psychoactive experience, the good news is that there are THC vapes emerging on the market that promise to go above and beyond to deliver that kind of satisfaction. 

And, even better, they’re hemp-derived, meaning that they’re federally legal, which is ideal if you happen to live in a state where cannabis legalization hasn’t happened yet.

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What Makes Some THC Vapes Stronger Than Others?
There are all kinds of factors that go into producing a very strong cannabis vape, so let’s look at what those factors are.

  • Cannabinoids: If you’ve been keeping an eye on the hemp industry lately, you’ve noticed that new discoveries have been made that have introduced us to trace psychoactive cannabinoids in hemp we never were aware of before. Cannabinoids like THC-P, HHC-P, THC-H, THC-B, and others all promise to be even more intoxicating than Delta-9 THC, the key intoxicant in marijuana, and these cannabinoids can be concentrated and extracted from the plant to offer powerful highs in vape form.
  • Strain: There’s also the matter of strains, with some strains offering a more powerful high than others based on the way in which they work synergistically with psychoactive cannabinoids.
  • Purity: The purity of a cannabinoid distillate is a big deal. The purer it is, the more concentrated it is, and thus the more effective it will be. Look for companies that offer 90% purity ratings or higher to know that you’re getting the good stuff.
  • Freshness: Freshness may be the most overlooked factor when it comes to potency, but it shouldn’t be. The fresher the product, the more potent it is, since cannabinoids gradually degrade over time, breaking down and losing their power.
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The Most Potent THC Vapes on the Market Today
Now, let’s take a look at the strongest cannabinoid vapes that you can get on the legal hemp market. Binoid has built their reputation on carrying the most powerful vaping products out there, through a combination of ultra-pure distillates of the most intoxicating cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, paired with carefully curated strains, always sold as fresh as can be.

4. Binoid HHC-P Vape Cartridge
Last but not least, we have Binoid’s HHC-P Vape Cartridge, which is also free of additives, giving you nothing but exceptionally pure HHC-P distillate and a selection of strains to choose from: Ghost Rider, Malibu Gold, Space Jam and Hella Jelly, which again promise a powerful high that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. HHC-P, or hexahydrocannabiphorol, is a slightly modified form of HHC (hexahydrocannabinol), a naturally occurring cannabinoid that acts as a hydrogenated form of Delta-9 THC.

HHC-P is on par with THC-P when it comes to its potency, delivering one of the strongest highs you can possibly get out of the hemp plant. This vape cartridge really highlights the impressive power of HHC-P with a super-fresh formula that can knock your socks off.

Courtesy of Binoid

 3. Binoid Gold Line Live Resin Disposable Vape
Then, there’s the live resin disposable from Binoid’s Gold Line, which uses some of the finest live resin out there to give you a high unlike any other. Live resin is made from fresh, flash-frozen flower rather than dry-cured flower, allowing for a higher trichome concentration that gives you not only a stronger high, but stronger flavor as well.

These live resin vapes come in 4 cannabinoid options: THC-O, THC-P, HHC-O and Delta-8 THC – and each cannabinoid is thoughtfully paired with a complementary strain to enhance the strength of its effects even further.  Again, you’ll be treated to a generous 2 grams per disposable.

Courtesy of Binoid

  2. Binoid THC-B Vape Cartridge
THC-B, aka tetrahydrocannabutol, is a very recently discovered cannabinoid found naturally in the hemp plant, and already it’s being shown to be far more intoxicating than Delta-9 THC, and similar to THC-P. Binoid wasted no time developing a lineup of ultra-pure, additive-free THC-B vape carts, each one providing an exquisite strain experience made with freshly extracted terpenes.

Choose between Mountain Temple, Juicy Fruit, Cloud Nine and Caribbean Breeze, which are regarded as 4 of the most intoxicating strains out there, and then settle in for a euphoric ride that takes you high above the clouds.

Courtesy of Binoid

1. Binoid Knockout Blend Live Resin Disposable Vape
The name really says it all. Developed specifically to be as potently psychoactive as possible, Binoid’s Knockout Blend disposable vape contains a cannabinoid trio of THC-H, THC-P and HHC-P – the 3 most psychoactive cannabinoids derived from the plant. Not only that, but they come in a great choice of strains that all enhance the potency further through the wonderful synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes. 

This innovative product carries a whopping 2 grams of vape oil, which includes concentrated live resin, and promises one of the highest purity levels you’ll find in any distillate. Choose between Fire OG and Ice Breaker, two phenomenal strains that are regarded as the strongest out there.

Treat Yourself to a Powerful and Unforgettable High at Last
When it comes to potent cannabis vapes, no one is doing it like Binoid. The legendary brand is going above and beyond to give customers exactly what they want, which is vapes that will get them as high as possible, while still being completely within federal law. And, best of all, Binoid’s prices are phenomenal, so you can enjoy vaping products that get you super intoxicated without breaking the bank. 

Check out these amazing THC vapes today, and get a whole new level of high and an experience you’ve never had before with regular THC vapes. As well, don’t forget to use our code HIGHTIMES25 for 25% off your order with fast and free shipping.

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