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THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight

Can THCV help you lose weight and feel great?

THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight
Courtesy of Kanabia

We all love THC for its power to help us sleep, deal with pain and or just simply relax after a long day. We also love THC for other reasons.

For as long as artists and thinkers have existed, humans have all celebrated the “holy herb” for its power to inspire creativity, laughter, joy and acceptance within all of us. Yes green-fiends, it seems THC is pretty rad.

THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight

Courtesy of Kanabia

The Cost of THC

Unfortunately, too much THC has also been linked to negative effects such as increased anxiety, risk of psychosis, increased depression, and of course, increased appetite. Long-term use has also been linked to reduced concentration, decreased short-term memory and impaired motor skills.

THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight

Courtesy of Kanabia

Beyond THC – The Whole Picture

So how can something so good for us also do us such harm?

As it turns out, THC doesn’t naturally occur all by itself. THC is just one of more than 100 different cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant – cannabinoids like CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBN, and THCV. Each of these cannabinoids have their own unique health benefits. It’s these other cannabinoids that help balance out the psychoactive and neurotic costs of THC.

A healthy life means having a varied diet, with more than one food and more than one vitamin. It’s the same with cannabinoids. Nature never meant us to have just THC, we were always meant to have the full variety of cannabinoids.

THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight

Courtesy of Kanabia

Balancing THC

As growers compete to make the dankest weed, THC levels in weed are rising with CBD levels falling. In one study, the ratio of THC to CBD was found to have increased from as much as 14 times to 80 times since 1995. The result is a stronger high, with less CBD and other cannabinoids (CBDV, CBG, THCV), to balance out the THC.

So how can we enjoy the benefits of Sweet Mary Jane, without worrying about its side effects? How do we find the right balance with our cannabinoids?

THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight

Courtesy of Kanabia

THCV – Reducing Your Hunger While Boosting Your Clarity

While CBD can relax you, there’s other cannabinoids that can preserve and even enhance the creative energy of your high.

That cannabinoid is THCV. Known as one of the rarest and hardest to extract cannabinoids, it’s so exotic that “strain hunters” have died hunting it down.

What makes THCV so special? In lower doses, THCV actually blocks receptors that respond to THC. So while THC kills your concentration and jacks up your anxiety and hunger, using THCV as the same time can actually increase your mental concentration, decrease your appetite, and give you powerful neuroprotective benefits for Parkinson’s as well as antipsychotic effects. THCV also shows incredible promise as an anti-acne agent.

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In short, THCV balances the negative parts of THC while sharpening your mind. THCV has huge potential for weight-loss by suppressing your appetite and could also help to regulate insulin levels in diabetics.

THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight

Courtesy of Kanabia

Where can I find THCV?

THCV is the rarest cannabinoid. THCV can be found in some strains of cannabis, but can’t be found in isolate due to the difficulty of of finding it and the high cost of extracting it.

One company is paving the way for access to such rare and newly discovered cannabinoids as THCV.

Kanabia is the first to have CBD, CBDV, CBG, THCV in one complete formula.

Through pioneering research and revolutionary extraction methods, they are also the first to have concentrated THCV and significant levels of other cannabinoids.

In addition to CBD and THCV, their full-spectrum formula also contains CBG (a powerful anti-inflammatory) and CBDV (a strong neuroprotective and antibacterial effects).

Whether it’s for enhancing your high or for sleep, recovery, and anxiety, Kanabia is proud to offer the most complete range of cannabinoids for a full range of health benefits. With an assistance program (40% OFF) for military, students, disability, low-income status, and public safety workers, Kanabia’s goal is to bring top quality and affordable cannabinoids to all.

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