The Fattest Sale of the Year by MUNCHIES!

Stock up on your favorites with 35% off the entire site when you spend over $60.
Courtesy Munchies!

Get High, Get Hungry, Get Happy – Danksgiving is here! MUNCHIES!, previously known as Delta Munchies, is going all out this Thanksgiving season with their biggest sale of the year, a massive 35% off their entire site when you spend over $60.

That’s huge savings on their entire lineup of:

  • Brand New Full Spectrum D-9 Froot Jam Gummies
  • THCA Diamond Infused Pre-rolls
  • 4g THCP Slushy Juice Vapes
  • 2g Pure D-8 and HHC Vapes

Use code FATTY35 at checkout, and you’ll save 35% off on your entire MUNCHIES! order. 

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MUNCHIES! NEW Froot Jam Gummies

Fresh from the MUNCHIES! candy factory, these new Froot Jam Gummies are poised to raise the standards for hemp gummies everywhere. These brand-new edibles are made with real fruit puree, meaning each gummy is bursting with a shocking amount of delicious flavor. Order some today and put your holiday stress to bed early.

Discover the Difference with MUNCHIES! Froot Jam Gummies

  • Each Froot Jam Gummy has 100mg of Full-Spectrum D-9 THC, HHC, CBD, CBG
  • Available in Three Tasty Flavors – Strawberry Dream, Tropical Passion, & Appleberry Nectar
  • Every Gummy is Vegan & Free from GMOs

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MUNCHIES! Double Doinks Pre-rolls

MUNCHIES! Double Doinks pre-rolls are some of the most beautiful joints around. Each pack comes with two 1.5g THC-A pre-rolls that are coated in a generous amount of premium kief and topped with beautiful diamonds. MUNCHIES! Double Doinks are infused with THC-A diamonds, an extremely pure hemp extract that puts these pre-rolls in a class all on their own.   

The Ultimate Silky Smooth THC-A Smoking Experience

  • Each pre-roll burns slowly and evenly for maximum enjoyment.
  • Available in a wide variety of strains, including Lemon Cherry Gelato, Berry Marmalade, Peach Cobbler, and more!
  • Third-party lab tested to ensure quality and purity.
  • Features 97% pure diamonds.

If you aren’t familiar, THC-A is the non-psychoactive precursor chemical to the classic D-9 THC. Once THC-A gets hot enough, like when it’s exposed to an open flame, it transforms into its psychoactive form, providing an experience that’s stunningly similar to traditional THC.

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MUNCHIES! 4g Slushy Juice Disposable Vapes

Smooth, great-tasting, and packed with a potent cannabinoid blend that packs a real punch. MUNCHIES! 4g Slushy Juice THC-P disposable vapes have changed the disposable game. The sleek, eye-catching design is Insta-ready, with dynamic colors and a soft-touch finish that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Experience the Difference with MUNCHIES! Slushy Juice

  • 4 Grams of live resin distillate, translating to an estimated 5000 hits.
  • Available in Blueberry Faygo, Mango Gelato, King Louise XIII, & More.
  • Rechargeable using a USB-C charging cable.
  • Two variable heat settings to best fit your vaping experience.
  • A FREE LANYARD is included with every purchase.

Each Slushy Juice hit will go even further, thanks to MUNCHIES! innovative Live Resin, D-8, & THC-P blend which is reported to be up to 5x stronger. THC-P is a newly discovered cannabinoid that bonds with the body’s receptors at a much greater rate than regular THC. More than enough to keep you flying high throughout the holidays and into the new year. 

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Use code FATTY35 at checkout, and you’ll save 35% off on your entire MUNCHIES! order. 

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