The V4/Plush Herb Vaporizer

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The V4/Plush Is the Lightest, Most Discreet Dry Herb Vaporizer on the Market

Introducing the V4/Plush, the flagship, top shelf product from V4/TWENTY.

This pocket-sized vaporizer is like no other product in the vaporizer market. The V4/Plush was designed for the dry herb connoisseurs with a huge chamber that can hold 0.65 grams of any strain. With a total weight of 2.9 ounces, this dry herb vaporizer is extremely light and has a natural ergonomic design. The magnetic mouthpiece is engineered with a built-in, all glass pathway with a stainless steel filter for a cool vape and smooth inhalation. The V4/Plush has a single button design, which is easy to use and extremely discreet.

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The Mouthpiece Delivers an Unparalleled Vaping Experience

The all-glass pathway gives an unparalleled taste of your favorite strain, delivering exceptional taste and bringing out the flavor of your favorite dry herbs. The magnetic mouthpiece is easy to remove for easily removing and adding dry herbs.


A Vaporizer Engineered for a Smooth Vaping Experience

This dry herb vaporizer was designed from the inside out for performance. The V4/Plush has Dynamic Conduction Technology, bringing even, controlled heat into the 0.65 gram capacity ceramic chamber with a stainless steel filter. This technology allows for even heating of the dry herb contents to deliver fresh, flavorful and potent vapor through the all glass pathway for the ideal vaping experience.

The single button design is perfect for first-time vaporizer use and for the more experienced vaporizer user. With five temperature settings, you can adjust the temperature based on the density or how sticky your favorite dry buds are. The temperature settings are easy to control, and the standard heating settings are perfect for any dry herb.

Temperature Settings for the V4/Plush

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.25.02 PM

With the adjustable temperature and even heating through the ceramic chamber, the V4/Plush can SAVE 30 percent or more of your dry herbs. The V4/Plush is incredibly low maintenance, easy to clean and very portable. With a standard micro USB charger and included cleaning kit, this vaporizer is first class.

Incredibly Easy to Clean

The V4/Plush is the most simple dry herb vaporizer to clean because it only has three components.

Step 1: Remove the mouthpiece and open up the chamber.
Step 2: Place the two components of the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes.
Step 3: Use a cotton swab to remove extra oil or residue from the mouthpiece and chamber.
Step 4: Allow the the dry herb vaporizer unit and mouthpiece to dry for approximately 10 minutes.
Step 5: Enjoy the clean, flavorful vape from your V4/Plush!

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What’s in the V4/Plush Box?

1 x V4/Plush Vaporizer
2 x Glass Mouthpieces with Stainless Steel Filters
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Tweezers

full kit_1

Technical Specifications of the V4/Plush Dry Herb Vaporizer

Material: Dry Herb
Size: 5.7in *1.8in *1.1in
Weight: 2.9 oz.
Mouthpiece Material: Plastic+Glass Built-in
Oven Material: Ceramic
Air path: All glass air path
Temperature Setting: 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, 428°F
Heating Time: 30 seconds
Charging Time: 90 Minutes
Working Time: Up to 20 sessions
Auto-shutoff: 5 minutes
Battery: Lithium-ion
Warranty: Electronic components are backed with a 1-year, no hassle warranty
30 Day, No Question Money Back Guarantee

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