What are the Best Strains from Humboldt to Grow Outdoors?

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What are the Best Strains from Humboldt to Grow Outdoors?
Courtesy of Humboldt Seeds

When breeders work hard behind the scenes, the initial traits purposely bred into the next generation of lineage could have a lot to do with environmental factors.

Knowing the traits in which certain strains were designed can help you grow a consistent flowering strain that jives with your environment. Below are many factors to consider when choosing the strain to grow outdoors.

What are the Best Strains from Humboldt to Grow Outdoors?
Courtesy of Humboldt Seeds

Weather Conditions

Where you are located, and the type of climate you experience can play a huge role in the performance of your cannabis plants. In Humboldt, there are many different geo-zones. Each strain is adapted to grow through all types of weather.

Researching the traits of each strain before investing in seeds can save a lot of future trouble. Getting caught up in the hype of the latest strains and selecting something out of relevance rather than practicality is an easy mistake and one that can be costly in many ways.

Based on Experience

Before basing everything on yield numbers alone, reflect on how much experience you have. Selecting a strain that is more user-friendly regarding growth, size, and ability to train is highly recommended.

Also know that indica-dominant hybrids will require much less maintenance and flower in a shorter time than sativa strains. Carefully read if a breeder has stated if the strain in question is better suited for Sea of Green or SCROG.

Resistance to Pathogens

Losing a crop to powdery mildew or mold can be devastating, so taking these careful steps early on will save your crop close to harvest. Many of the Humboldt strains have incredibly high resistance to pathogens.

As powdery mildew is a huge problem in California (much like Spain), selecting a resilient strain is an excellent way to start. Many growers learn about powdery mildew and mold from first-hand experience; however, this may not be the case if you have the right seeds for your environment.

What are the Best Strains from Humboldt to Grow Outdoors?
Courtesy of Humboldt Seeds

Stealth and Security

You should know how much growing space you have, as well as how secure and private it will be. Perhaps you are growing in a small rooftop and cannot have huge plants on show. Or it could be the opposite, and you have an open space for the plants to grow as big as trees.

Whatever your scenario is, do your research and see what performs best in certain conditions. There are small-sized, indica varieties that are perfect for Sea Of Green and stealth growers. In the same sense, there are hybrids that if left untrained can grow substantial amounts of cannabis.

Wind Resistance

You may have seen a plant that looked great indoors, but when left outside during the summer months, it did not take well to strong winds and began to lose its structure. This can be a problem for growers who live in mountainous regions, so having a strain with high wind resistance genetically built-in is smart.

What are the Best Strains from Humboldt to Grow Outdoors?
Courtesy of Humboldt Seeds

Light-Sensitive and Light-Hungry Plants

This is where a bit of experience and knowledge comes into play. So, note that this is an essential factor to consider. Light-hungry plants may sound standard to most, but light-sensitive plants? A perfect example of this is Girl Scout Cookies compared to OG Kush.

Those who have grown the Cookies will know she prefers to be grown outside. On the other hand, the OG Kush strain is a very light hungry plant. The way a plant feeds and whether it’s dependent on micro and macronutrients can also be down to the amount of light it prefers, under the rate of photosynthesis.

The Best Early-Flowering Varieties to Grow

These are the best varieties from Humboldt Seeds to grow if you live in an area with shorter summers, unpredictable rainfall, high humidity: Mango Sapphire, Bubba’s Gift, Bubba Kush, Black D.O.G and Master Kush.

These strains have a short flowering time, medium size, and stalky structure. Each will be highly resistant to cold and wet weather, and perform better than the other strains designated for different climates.

What are the Best Strains from Humboldt to Grow Outdoors?
Courtesy of Humboldt Seeds

The Best Late-Flowering Varieties to Grow

For those lucky enough to be in a Mediterranean or Californian climate, then the best strains to grow with large space is Amherst Sour Diesel, Blueberry Headband, 707 Headband, Lemon Kush Headband, and Lemon Garlic O.G. Each of these can take the intense lighting and will perform with excellent results.

The Best CBD Varieties to Grow

If your sole purpose is to grow for medicinal purposes, then the best CBD-rich varieties to grow are Blue Dream CBD (10 percent THC / 10 percent CBD) and Green Crack CBD (6 percent THC / 12 percent CBD). Both of these strains are CBD-rich hybrids of the original famous Blue Dream and Green Crack.

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