Why Leaflit Wants to Change the Way We View Growing Cannabis at Home

Growing cannabis at home doesn’t have to be confined to the basement. It can blend in as part of your décor.
Why Leaflit Wants to Change the Way We View Growing Cannabis at Home
Courtesy of Leaflit

Marist College Institute for Public Opinion conducted a poll about Weed and the American Family revealing some interesting statistics. Of the 35 percent of Americans who regularly consume cannabis, 65 percent are parents with an annual household income of $75,000 or higher, 84 percent work full time, and 46 percent are 26 and older.

The persona of the cannabis consumer has long been characterized as being of a lower socioeconomic and education level, under 30 years old, and smoking for the sole purpose of getting stoned. As more states and countries legalize marijuana medicinally or recreationally, people’s attitudes about the once demonized flower are changing. No longer buying into the myth that weed is a gateway to dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin and that its addiction potential is equal to that of alcohol, street drugs, opioids and cigarettes, people are starting to favor cannabis over alcohol.

With more awareness about the physical and mental benefits of marijuana, consumers are doing their homework about strains that treat what ails them and how weed is cultivated where they buy it (legally or not). As people are discovering, legal cannabis doesn’t necessarily correlate with safe-to-consume cannabis: free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

In addition to consumers’ concerns about the rampant use of chemicals, they have two other considerations:

  1.     Consistent access to the strains they use—particularly for medicinal use
  2.     Growth conditions altering cannabinoid and terpene profiles

Recognizing that Big Ag cuts corners, uses chemicals, and cares little about their methods’ impact on the environment and our health, whether it’s fruits and vegetables or weed, there are many reasons to grow your own. Cultivating is therapeutic and puts consumers in control of their health.

Why Leaflit Wants to Change the Way We View Growing Cannabis at Home
Courtesy of Leaflit

You needn’t be an experienced grower to take your germinated seeds and produce marijuana flower to smoke or use for extracts. Articles and videos abound with instructions on growing marijuana. But while instruction is great, any cannabis cultivator will tell you it’s not as simple as stick seeds in the ground, water them, pray for sunny days, watch big, beautiful buds form, wait a few more weeks and, like magic, it’s ready.

The Leaflit™ Grow System: Growing Cannabis for the Novice and the Experienced

If you have decided to take control and grow your own marijuana, you might think to look outside and find an inconspicuous spot that won’t attract attention. Even if you live far from lurking eyes, for a variety of reasons, not everyone can grow outdoors year-round or even at all.  Whether it’s the location of your property in relation to others’, your climate, how much sunlight and rain you have, or you’re just an incredibly private person, growing indoors takes all those concerns out of the equation.

Whether your home is large or small, the Leaflit©Pod may be the perfect solution for you. Here are some specs:

  •    48” H x 30” W
  •    With packaging, weighs 20 pounds
  •    ETL Certified: meets North American electrical safety standards
  •    Cost-effective: pays for itself within one to two grow cycles
  •    Contains everything you need (minus the potted plants)
  •    Easy-to-assemble DIY cannabis grow system
  •    200-watt full spectrum LED with Cree 3070 Chip and Meanwell Driver
  •    Dual, low-noise fan system with activated carbon filters
  •    Externally mounted thermo/hygrometer
  •    WiFi Enabled Powerbar
  •    Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant compatible
  •    Holds up to three plants—with a yield of up to 3 ounces
  •    Constructed with safe and sturdy materials
  •    Mold, scratch and UV resistant
  •    Each pod is tested by hand before shipping
  •    Safe from fire hazard
  •    No off-gassing
  •    Easy to clean
  •    Can be disassembled and collapsed for easy storage under your bed or in a closet

Design is More Than Aesthetics

Whether this is your first time or you’ve been growing indoors for years, the Leaflit™Pod is easy to assemble and ready for your plants. Its sleek appearance and geometric design will complement your home’s décor and serve as a conversation starter—not an eyesore. However, as a grower, there’s more to a product’s design than its looks. The Leaflit’s patented 7-panel design means each panel is angled to capture the maximum amount of light and focus it on your plants.

Why Leaflit Wants to Change the Way We View Growing Cannabis at Home
Courtesy of Leaflit

Lights, Fans, Action!

Once you’ve assembled and plugged in your Leaflit™Pod and added your plants, there are some very cool features that will make your indoor-growing experience uniquely your own.

Mix and match your strains: You have the flexibility of growing three plants of the same strain or three different strains for maximum health benefits. You can create on/off schedules based on the recommendation(s) of each strain.

Adjustable settings: You can monitor and adjust settings using the mobile app. Each port allows for different schedules, so your fans can run with or without light. Running the fans alone after you’ve finished growing keeps air flowing throughout the drying and curing stages.

A Little About the People Behind the Leaflit™Pod

If you’ve heard the expression, “I’m not just the owner, I’m also a client,” you already have half the background story. Founded by Brad MacDonald in early 2018, he was looking for a way to grow cannabis for his wife, Elli, who lives with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Chronic pain caused by both autoimmune diseases made it difficult for Elli to perform daily tasks and do simple things most of us take for granted, like holding their daughter.

Despite years of traditional medications offered by Big Pharma, Elli’s quality of life continued to decline because of her symptoms.  Dissatisfied with the usual treatments, Brad researched alternative therapies, which led him to medical marijuana. This, however, presented a new set of problems for Brad and his wife.

Dispensary-purchased cannabis frequently contains anything from mold, bacteria and fungus to heavy metals and traces of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The solution was obvious: grow their own cannabis.

Why Leaflit Wants to Change the Way We View Growing Cannabis at Home
Courtesy of Leaflit

With each DIY cannabis grow system Brad found, he was challenged by one thing or another: difficult assembly, companies that wouldn’t ship to Canada, overkill for a few plants or an eyesore in their home.

Brad worked with a family friend to design the Leaflit™Pod. Equally important as affordability, function and safety, it had to be ‘plug and play’ for anyone mechanical or who’s a deer in headlights at the sight of an instruction manual. That the Leaflit™Pod’s unique look is the subject of many conversations is icing on the cake.

If you’ve wanted to grow cannabis in your home but haven’t found a system that meets your needs, check out the Leaflit™Pod. Each Leaflit™Pod is hand-tested prior to shipping for quality assurance. Use Coupon code: HIGHTIMES to receive $100 off your next purchase.

Happy Growing!

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