Zig-Zag Goes Beyond Rolling Papers with the Introduction of their Media Hub, Zig-Zag Studio

Zig-Zag is moving beyond just providing rolling papers—they now provide a full musical experience through their studio.
Zig-Zag goes beyond Rolling Papers with the introduction of their media hub, Zig-Zag Studio
Courtesy of Zig-Zag

The iconic rolling paper brand Zig-Zag announced the launch of Zig-Zag Studio, a new media platform fueling the company’s evolution into content, collaborations and entertainment supporting the Zig-Zag brand.

For decades, Zig-Zag has been widely recognized as a pop culture staple and a cornerstone of music and smoking. With the launch of Zig-Zag Studio, the brand aims to further its legacy as a media platform hosting exclusive content created to inspire creativity through storytelling and digital media.

Featuring artists from a diverse range of industries and genres, Zig-Zag Studio will focus on art and lifestyle content, and serve as a launchpad for emerging talent, exclusive merchandise drops and collaborations.

”At Zig-Zag, we are focused on building unique and memorable experiences for our customers,” said Eric Anwar, Senior Director of Zig-Zag Marketing. “Through the launch of Zig-Zag Studio, we have created a platform aimed to illuminate talent through storytelling and foster new ideas to shape our culture and inspire others to enact positive change in our world.”

Zig-Zag will introduce “Studio” in several layers that promote its native content including photography, video and live performances from music artists. The flagship live music performance series, titled “Studio Sessions,” will debut with a full line-up of performances from musical elites Sleepy Hallow, Marc E Bassy, Mariah The Scientist and NGHTMRE.

Filmed live in Southern California, fans will be able to watch the series on YouTube and ZigZag.com. Moving forward, Zig-Zag will also showcase a variety of established and emerging artists from hip-hop to EDM.

Courtesy of Zig Zag. Photo of Sleepy Hallow for Zig-Zag’s Studio Sessions. Shot by Adam Zvanovec.

You can view Zig-Zag’s Studio Sessions here: zigzag.com/studio

The Studio’s storytelling video series, “Through My Lens,” gives viewers an inside look at the unique backgrounds and creative processes of artists—from photographers to producers—with a goal of inspiring the next generation of creators. The series will premiere with Sam Dameshek (Photographer), Jeff Cole (Digital Artist), Matt Gondek (Fine Artist) and Dot (Music Producer).

Courtesy of Zig-Zag. Photo of Matt Gondek for Zig-Zag’s Through My Lens Series. Shot by Adam Zvanovec.

You can view Zig-Zag’s Through My Lens series here: zigzag.com/studio

In celebration of Studio’s launch, the Zig-Zag brand will also launch its first limited edition apparel and accessories line dubbed, The 1879 Collection. Named after the year Zig-Zag was founded, the modern collection reflects the trailblazing story of Zig-Zag’s French heritage with an array of styles, including embroidered vintage tees, hoodies and sweatpants, as well as elevated products like varsity jackets and leather goods.

Courtesy of Zig-Zag. Photo of Madison Masaitis for Zig-Zag’s Studio’s 1879 Collection. Shot by Sam Dameshek.

Harlan Raine, Zig-Zag’s senior marketing manager was responsible for the design of the collection and described the inspiration behind it: “The 1879 Collection is a tribute to Zig-Zag’s rich history and the mythical story around the company’s French origins, all told through the lens of modern apparel and accessories. You’ll find references to the past in every piece; some obvious and some more subtle. Having a 140-plus year history gives us a nearly endless supply of material to translate into new forms, whether it’s clothing, entertainment or experiences.”

Courtesy of Zig-Zag. Photo of Madison Masaitis for Zig-Zag’s Studio’s 1879 Collection. Shot by Sam Dameshek

The 1879 collection was shot in Los Angeles by photography phenom Sam Dameshek featuring models Madison Masaitis and Tanner Zagarino.

You can purchase the 1879 Collection items here: zigzag.com/collections/1879-collection

What to Expect From Zig-Zag Studio in the Future

Zig-Zag has expressed this is only the beginning of their new marketing endeavors embracing creativity and consumer experience. The company plans to expand on its existing video series with both established and emerging talent as well as launch additional original content revolving around art, culture and entertainment. 

At its core, the Studio platform aims to serve as an interactive entertainment-based e-commerce platform that enhances the experience for customers from pre-purchase to post purchase. 

The company has stated, “There are millions of creative voices in the world and we want to showcase their great ideas, stories, and work.”

The rolling paper company plans to bring the same level of creativity and energy into its core product lines with the addition of new smokable products and accessories to service its 220,000-plus retail customer base in the United States. 

You can find all of Zig-Zag Studio’s projects on the Zig-Zag website: zigzag.com/studio 

About Zig-Zag

Born in Paris in 1879, Zig-Zag Rolling Papers have grown for more than a century to become the most iconic premium rolling paper brand in the world. What began as two French brothers, Maurice and Jacques Braunstein, producing papers in their manufacturing facility in west Paris, has evolved into a global brand filled with culture, creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship.

  1. What they should do….is try to figure out how they are going to beat RAW in sales and marketing…..I remember working on a cannabis farm I was rolling joints on a RAW frisbee.

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