5 Unique Sweet and Spicy Summertime Cannabis Strains

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Summer’s here! I don’t know what that means to you, but for me it means plenty of  time in the garden tending to my canna-patch and enjoying the fruits of our labor in the best setting possible; outside, on the grass, chilling in the warmth of the radiant summer sun.

Of course, you gotta have the right smoke for the setting and if you’re the sort of person who judges their plants and joints on flavor as well as high, then the weed’s got to smell good in your garden and taste good on the tongue.

With that in mind here are 5 of the sweetest, spiciest, fruitiest (smelling and tasting) cannabis strains which should definitely be on your menu for this summer. No access to the sticky-icky? Prefer to grow you own? You can buy marijuana seeds from our friends at SeedSupreme and there’s still plenty of time to get a grow kick-started!

Blue Widow

With a fruity chewing gum taste and a smell like sweet & sour forest berries this Dinafem bred hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow is a prolific producer which can be a serious centerpiece to a garden (we’re talking 3m tall!). Leave your harvest ’til the temperature has dropped and you’ll be rewarded with some beautiful blueberry-purple nugs as well!

Gummy Bears

One of the few strains which can genuinely display multi-colored bud, Gummy Bears is a cross of Elemental Seeds‘ Trueberry (an insanely terpene-filled fruit-fest) and Big Lemon, which gives off a fantastic smell and zesty taste. A real treat for the senses, the name says it all really!

Bisho Purple

What happens when Tropical Seeds mix an African Sativa with a Pakistani Chitral Kush? Bisho Purple, that’s what! Sour apple flavors swirled through with spicy, woody incense scent is the very interesting results of this pairing, although I’ve also detected hints of berry or grape. It’s not shy to show its colors either and truly deserves the purple in the name.

Goji Cake

What does a Goji Berry taste like anyway? I don’t know, but this cross of Bodhi’s famous Goji OG with TGA’s Jesus OG is a seriously tasty, tropical fruit flavored masterpiece. Moxie Seeds say it’s one of their favorite creations and I can see why, but with an almost sedative Indica effect I’d recommend leaving it for the end of the day.

Sugar Candy

I’ve saved the sweetest strain for desert! Delicious Seeds set out to create one of the tastiest strains they could and I think they succeeded. You could get high just from smelling this beautiful green and dark purple plant and the taste? Well, I may have to quote them directly here because it is a complex beast, “mango and biscuit with hints of spearmint, a touch of liquorice and an incredible tinge of lavender.”

Well there we go, if that doesn’t get your taste-buds tingling I don’t know what will. These seeds provide a feast for the senses and will make any Mary Jane’s garden a rival for the most colorful flower beds. If you need to buy cannabis seeds anywhere in the world, head over to SeedSupreme Seed Bank and pick up a selection today. Their fast and discrete shipping mean you’ll get your order safe and soon and be ready for a summer garden party!

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