9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoke Weed

Talk show hosts who smoke weed are generally funnier than those who don’t toke up. Here are a few of our favorites.
9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

4. Jimmy Kimmel

9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t share too much about smoking weed, but he did take a few hits during a Rolling Stone interview. Before taking out a baggie and a one-hitter, Kimmel asked interviewer Jonah Weiner, “If we smoke weed right now, is that on the record?”

Apparently, the answer was yes. Kimmel proceeded to get super stoned.

Kimmel hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live! and has presented at the Academy Awards and the Emmys. He has even hosted a White House Correspondents’ Dinner when Obama was in office.

Perhaps the herb has inspired his comedy and helped him get where he is today.

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  1. From a partaker himself. You can tell just by his eyes. Jimmy loves the ” 1 toke over the over the line sweet Jesus”..etc. song.

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