9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoke Weed

Talk show hosts who smoke weed are generally funnier than those who don’t toke up. Here are a few of our favorites.
9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

7. Jimmy Fallon

9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

Jimmy Fallon is not the biggest stoner on our list of talk show hosts who smoke weed, but he has certainly enjoyed the herb. And there’s the footage to prove it.

Before a segment of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Willie Nelson invited Fallon aboard his tour bus. Fallon proceeded to take a shotgun from the famed cannabis enthusiast and entrepreneur.

Despite his highly publicized hit, this late show host says that he isn’t known to blaze.

“I’ve tried it, but I’m not a pot guy,” Fallon explains. “I just can’t get into it. Smoking cigarettes, I can’t do that either. It just doesn’t fit with me.”

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  1. From a partaker himself. You can tell just by his eyes. Jimmy loves the ” 1 toke over the over the line sweet Jesus”..etc. song.

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