15 Lavish Gift Ideas from the HT Baller Buyer’s Guide

Sure, we’ve already hit you with a great gift guide full of extravagant items to give the stoner who has it all, but then we ran across the HIGH TIMES Baller Buyer’s Guide from the May 2016 issue of our magazine, and we realized we still wanted all of those awesome items as well.

And we’re all in luck (well, with the exception of our wallets), because most of the items are still available for purchase! Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your impossible-to-shop-for stoner bestie, these gifts are grade A!

1. Sweet Leaf Collection – $440-$5500

Sweet Leaf Jewelry

Jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche has her finger on the high-end pulse. Her sublime Sweet Leaf collection brings a sense of much-needed whimsy to the often-conservative world of expensive jewelry. Adorn yourself with a Sweet Leaf anklet, body chain or ear jacket. Slip a ring on for some bling. You’ll want one of everything. Maybe, baby, you should just treat yo’self.

2. Dope Ring – $420


Once deemed “a stoner’s necessary accessory” in the pages of this magazine, Alex Streeter’s iconic Dope Ring is more befitting than ever for the high rollers amongst us. The hand-created stone gleams in its hefty sterling silver setting, impressive and yet understated—at a glance, it looks like green amber. Upon closer inspection, you can see that it’s much more precious than any regular old resin. Flaunt your wealth.

3. Rawganique Hemp Suit – Prices Vary

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 6.28.56 PM

Bring the swagger in a hemp suit from Rawganique. Their dress jackets, pants and vests are handsomely designed and tailored, and will lend you a distinct air of being the most interesting man in the room. You’ll look effortlessly chic sporting a suit made of one hundred percent sustainably, organically grown hemp—a baller statement if ever there was one.

4. Marijuana Smoking Jacket – $399


Nothing says swanky like a smoking jacket. Add a dose of playboy cool to your wardrobe with the 420 from Smoky Joe’s. Velvet cuffs and coconut-shell closures are elegant touches on this American-made piece. And you can get a matching one for your furry best friend! You’ll be sure to stop traffic on your daily walk.

5. I Bud You Baller Package – $1000


Spreading love like a blanket worldwide, I Bud You is at the vanguard of high-end comfort where it matters most—at home. Wake up surrounded by kind, break up your bud on your I Bud You rolling tray, keep it fresh in the bathroom with a budding shower curtain and cozy up post-shower in super-comfy towels—a baller gets it all. The exclusive I Bud You Baller Package includes 4 pillowcases, 1 fitted bed sheet, 1 flat bed sheet, 1 dank duvet cover, 2 throw pillows, 1 shower curtain, 2 towels and 1 rolling tray.  

6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Snow Globe – $420


What better thing to buy with all that money you have lying around than a snow globe that doubles as a stash box? This deluxe globe from LigoranoReese features a secret stash compartment inside its kush-green base. The hazy cast-resin 420 proclaims your weed-lover’s pride. Hand-cast and hand-assembled in the artists’ Brooklyn studio, only 25 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes snow globes are available, so buyers will truly be part of an exclusive club.

7. Three a Light – $500

When it comes to book learnin’ about grow, many newbies complain that reading about cultivation makes their eyes glaze over: it’s too advanced, with too much scientific lingo. Three A Light is an exquisite volume devoted to simplifying the growing process. Plus, it promises a yield of three pounds of pot for every light in your growroom! Author Josh Haupt told HIGH TIMES: “It’s step-by-step, as easy as can be. It’s thorough, and it’s full of beautiful photos. It can be applied to home gardens or to big commercial grows. We’re filling a niche in the market—breaking down pot growing for maximum success!” It’s basically the Baller Grower’s Guide—with a price to match.

8. TubSide Basket Service Spa Package – $550 and up


Soaking in a custom-made cannabis spa… ahhhh, now you’re really living the high life. Tub­Side Basket Service is a luxury cannabis spa basket service prepared by author and spa artisan Sandra Hinchliffe for your home, office, suite or boat—yes, of course you have a yacht. You’re rich! Each basket is customized with options like Himalayan salt bars, cannabis rose massage oil, tea blooms, cannabis bath salts, cannabis healing salves and more. Hinchliffe doesn’t provide cannabis—but she can arrange for ingredients for your custom spa package from any California dispensary you belong to and create a dream package just for you.

9. THX Ultra2 Home Theater System – $16,000

THX-Ultra2-SystemWhat does every kid dream of buying when they strike it rich? The world’s best sound system, of course. Imagine settling in to watch The Big Lebowski with a bowl of buttery popcorn in one hand and a bowl of Super Silver Haze in the other. Surrounding you is the award-winning Klipsch THX Ultra2 custom home theater system, which will shatter your expectations and blow your mind. The Ultra2 brings cinema sound to the comfort of your home with the same professional-grade technology as Klipsch’s renowned commercial theater systems. Yeah, you’ve made it.

10. Renew Sports Car – $40,000


You’re gonna need a sweet ride, high roller. Look no further than the Renew Sports Car. Picking up where Henry Ford left off in 1941, when he dreamed of growing an “automobile from the soil” made and powered by hemp, Renew Sports Cars are designed to have a classic Roadster feel, all the modern amenities and an environmentally friendly message. The body of the car is made entirely from hemp fibers, mounted on a carbon-debt-free, re-certified 1990-97 Miata chassis. That combination gives the Renew a lifetime carbon footprint of roughly 10 percent less than today’s average electric car. This whip will make you look good while you’re helping save the environment. Be part of the revolution.

11. Phoenician Elite Grinder – $1500


How do you break up your weed when you’re as rich as Croesus? Scissors be damned—you need the world’s most expensive grinder to show off your wealth! The 24K Gold-Plated Phoenician Elite has a built-in ashtray and rolling papers holder, replaceable screens and it sings you a lullaby as you drift off to la-la-land. Well, that last part isn’t quite true…but you sure will look and feel dreamily expensive grinding up your buds in this glitzy piece.

12. HIVE Brothership – $300

Brothership_HB_set_gold_forsite__36632.1450310456.500.500 copy

Dapper dabbers, take note: ceramic is the way to go. The HIVE Brothership Ceramic Honey Bucket will glam up every lil’ dab you do. This HIVE collaboration with Mothership Glass includes a pot, two buckets, a dial and an OFZ cap. The rig is compatible with Mothership glass pots and is lovingly made with the quality and craftsmanship that HIVE and Mothership are known for. The dial is available in silver or gold.

13. Bubble Box – $250


If you truly love weed, you’ve probably dived deeper into the trichome than most casual smokers. Take the next step on your pot pilgrimage and unlock the mysteries of dry-sift hash with a Bubble Box: three layers of filtration in an elegant, locking rosewood chest. Hand-crafted from Australian white pine, with a rosewood veneer and gold plated fittings, the box is equipped with three screens, a lock with two keys and a dry sift scraper card. Prosperous pot lovers can achieve full-melt dry-sift hash simply by carding flowers through the Bubble Box layers—and that hash is priceless.

14. Walnut Studio Doobie Tube – $28


As any guy or gal born to the high life knows, presentation is key. When you whip out a perfect, unbent, freshly-rolled joint at the party, that’s great—and if you happen to pull it out of a hand-crafted leather carrying case, well, that shows you’ve got real style. Walnut Studio has risen to meet the demand of legal cannabis looking cool with its hand-stitched, hand-dyed, vegetable-tanned leather Doobie Tube. The tube’s brass dog-tag chain will help you keep track of your spliffs—you can use it to clip the doob tube inside your bag, or string several tubes together, each with a different strain. Nicely done, sir.

15. Classic Zippo – $11,893.95


Do you remember your very first lighter that you cared about? Was it a Zippo? Odds are, the answer is yes. Now that you’re a fat cat, the time has come to pay tribute to all the lighters that have served you well throughout the years, and buy the last lighter you’ll ever own. It’s the Classic Zippo. It’s made of 18-karat solid gold, it comes in a custom-crafted cherry box with a certificate of registration, and it costs as much as some people make in a year.

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