Why Scorpios Will Need The Comfort Of Cannabis This Month

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High Horoscopes | November 2017

The High Times monthly astrological forecast, complete with strain recommendations! Check out your High Horoscopes below.

High Horoscopes: Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

Wow, the only constant is change, am I right? You’ve seen very little consistency these past months. That’s because you are coming to the end of a huge shifting cycle. It’s been fruitful but draining, and now you really need to fall back softly into the waiting arms of comfort. Cuddle, swaddle, munch, binge, purr, hug, snooze and repeat. If you are being forced by mean old life to go outside into the wind and the rain, to deal with pricks or to hustle for your money, then I, on behalf of the cosmos, feel for you. We really want nothing but coziness for you now. So when the harsh lighting that is the outside world demands your presence, at least wear a chenille bodysuit, bring a chocolate IV and arrive late in your rented limo.

Strain Recommendation: Blue Cheese

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

Who told you that you can’t sing? So what if you haven’t painted since elementary school? Just because you bang into stationary objects more than most doesn’t mean you can’t dance! Take time this November to explore an art form you’ve always wished you could rock at… but do it privately at first, ’cause maybe they did have a point when they said your writing was derivative. Naaah, who cares??! It’s not for them, it’s for you—for the sheer joy of making stuff! However, I would highly recommend not serving any baked goods to your neighbors or cutting up the good curtains for your home ‘make it work’ project runway challenge. This is not inventiveness for the sake of producing, it is art as expression: so get to imagining but do it with a smidgen of common sense.

Strain Recommendation: Snowcap

High Horoscopes: Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

You’ve always wanted one—a benefactor. A kindly fan who wants to finance your passion projects out of the pure desire to witness your artistic genius, to ensure its continued brilliance in the global marketplace and to archive it for the benefit of future generations. But—and this is a big hippo-sized butt—you don’t believe in the slightest that you deserve one. Well, you have a choice right now. You can put your tiny ego down and ask the big maker to help you, or you can continue to quietly stroke the soft fur of your disappointment. Your call. But the chance you might get your wish is decreasing with every passing year—as your wunderkind shine dulls to a could-have-been wash.

Strain Recommendation: Purple Haze

High Horoscopes: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

You don’t challenge authority naturally. You are used to being taken for granted, but that stopped being cute a while back. So you started getting mad and pushing back. That’s not going down too well either. Have you tried asking the Man to relate to you? If you take the time to formulate your thoughts, to be clear with your needs and what you can offer, and to figure out how to express this in a non-aggressive way, you might find that your communications with the higher-ups will be welcomed. They are on your side, but your mounting bad vibe and change of demeanor are troubling, and they don’t have the time to worry you. Stop being a stoic and speak up. They’ll respect you for it.

Strain Recommendation: Bruce Banner

High Horoscopes: Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

You are at your best when you focus outwards. With time on your hands, your mind is a menace. Now that you have a minute to breathe, take a look into helping your community again. When you step outside of yourself, you are a clear, bright and powerful beacon of positivity. You have love to spread. You can keep your own projects going, take the you-time you need, do the things that feed your passions, but the majority of your day needs to go towards making life better for others. This is when you thrive the most (incidentally your mindfulness will develop proportionally with each endeavor). You are a gifted giver.

Strain Recommendation: Fire OG

High Horoscopes: Aries (March 21 – April 19)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

After successfully running over the hot coals that were your life, you are finding yourself before a new set of challenges. Happily, these are much less painful and more strategic. You survived a gauntlet of crap; you got through the emotional pitfalls. Now, you have swapped out the bed of nails for a delicious game of Stratego. The key is to continue to be persistent. The winner’s cup has morphed from inner peace to financial security. This month marks the beginning of a shift in fortune which you can take advantage of by checking in with some money-savvy pals for tips.

Strain Recommendation: Ghost Cookies

High Horoscopes: Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

You know those plasma globes attributed to Nicola Tesla at every science museum ever? I would compare your energy output recently to one of those—contained and yet ready to flash out at the slightest touch. Try to harness your power for good, and remember to keep lighthearted about it. People find energy like yours this November rather intimidating, and if you don’t deliver it with a smile, you are likely to create more enemies than supporters. Everyone wants to be close to the source, so don’t be overwhelmed by the wave of invitations coming your way. Be compassionate and charming, and watch your fans fawn.

Strain Recommendation: O’Gezus

High Horoscopes: Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

If you aren’t a parent, I’d like you to think back on all the experiences you’ve had with children—being the favorite aunt, camp counselor, babysitter, big brother—in order to summon the gentleness that comes about you when faced with a tiny soul, someone fresh, un-jaded and impressionable. Create the safest space you can imagine and welcome the little ones in to play. Let them destroy the place, wreak havoc and draw on every surface! Now remember that each one of your friends was once a little kid. You must indulge their need to be a mess right now. Boost your stamina with Flintstone vitamins, ’cause you’ll need it. Being the responsible one can be very tiring but ultimately fulfilling.

Strain Recommendation: Golden Calyx

High Horoscopes: Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

November will find Cancerians basking in attention. You are flirty and fun; you’ve finally pushed aside self-doubt because you can feel that a positive change is coming. Like the first smell of springtime in the fading winter air… it’s looming large—Success!!! Personal triumphs are bounding towards you. Nothing will be shared with your friends or colleagues, children or mate, it is simply your time to achieve. Please don’t waste a second of this trying to make sure everyone around you gets the credit they’re due. They will have their moments—this one is yours. Be a recently cleaned dog in a muddy park! Lie down and roll around, squish your back into it, sprint around goofily smiling at everyone as they watch you enjoy yourself to the puppy max!

Strain Recommendation: Electric Lemonade

High Horoscopes: Leo (July 23 – August 22)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

Your thoughts need to be shared. Anxieties have been building in you for months, and by not voicing them, you let them fester. Feminine energy is flowing through you now; take this opportunity to make use of your strengthened inner awareness and communication skills to name your pain. Your ideas, your emotional state, your opinion—all of it needs to be taken out of your body and put into the communal space. Be Lena Dunham and expose your gooey insides to make art! Be Samantha Bee and fearlessly state your position. Be Stephanie Kwolek and invent what you imagine. Be inspired by these powerful women to puke up all that pent-up creativity. It does a body good!

Strain Recommendation: Blizzard Bush

High Horoscopes: Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

Even though you might feel unnecessarily picked on by the universe at times, if you look at the sum of your life objectively, you tend to land with your ass in the butter more often than not. Sure you’ve had rough times, but all in all, you’re doing good, kid. Especially now, with all the networking, moneymaking and big exciting changes coming your way. Your ability to make a real difference has multiplied tenfold. So instead of looking deeply into the ugly pits of pain in your backyard, why not start landscaping that unused plot in front of your house? Do some designing; strategize on the best place for the stone path and water feature, decorate your world with color and fragrance. Now is the season for you to take root and grow.

Strain Recommendation: Piña Collision

High Horoscopes: Libra (September 23 – October 22)

High Horoscopes | November 2017

When you question your path, do you find it leading you to the final destination you desire? Do you even know what you want? If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know if you are wasting your time wandering down the wrong roads? Maybe you are one of those day-to-day people, happy to let your trail form itself as you move through connecting decisions. If so, then you need to learn how to enjoy the journey a bit more. Stressing about results is counterproductive to smelling the roses. If you need a solid goal to aspire towards however, then you need to reassess if your current course is heading in the right direction.

Strain Recommendation: Redheaded Stranger

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