The High Priestess: Working with Pot and Archangel Gabriel to Tap into Your Heart

The High Priestess is calling in the archangels.

Welcome back to another installment of your favorite conscious cannabis column, where together we go where no wo/man has gone before and explore the potent magick of plant medicine as a cosmic portal to something bigger than ourselves. While Valentine’s Day is behind us, along with all the chocolate and commercialized love that comes with it, in this part of cyberspace we believe in love and the ability of cannabis to help us access this, no matter what time of year it is. As we inch closer and closer to the first day of Spring, which happens on the Spring Equinox on March 19th, we may be feeling a bit more tender, a bit more sensitive and a bit readier to access the inner depths of our soul in hopes of revealing this piece of ourselves to someone else. In other words, we’re feeling ready for connection and romance. And thankfully, cannabis can help with that. 

While I’ve written plenty about love and sex magick, something I haven’t touched on are the non-human entities we can work with to access this sacred state of being: the Archangels, and in our case specifically, Archangel Gabriel. Read on to dive even deeper into this world and how we can work with cannabis and Archangel Gabriel to connect to our hearts and invite more love into our life. 

What are the Archangels? 

While many may think of angels and archangels as Judeo-Christian constructs, and while Michael and Gabriel do appear in the Bible, in truth these entities of love span far beyond these man-made constructs we put them in. Like cannabis, they don’t fit into a neat and tidy box. Instead, their expansive energy works on multiple levels. Archangels are considered to be a higher frequency being than normal angels, which means they’re closer to whatever it is you consider the “divine” or God/dess. But the Archangels are accessible to everyone; they don’t belong to a religion, though some may argue they’re constructed from this, and they’re not worried about the man-made structures, like religion, that we’ve created here on Earth. The angels are accessible to everyone since they’re divine beings of love.  

While there are many Archangels, the main ones are associated with the five elements: Uriel is associated with earth, Raphael with air, Michael with fire, Gabriel with water, and Metatron with Spirit. And it is through the angel Gabriel that we can bring in the divine energy of love to earth, working with this celestial being as a cosmic counterpart to cannabis. Plus cannabis can enhance the experiences we have because it acts as a catalyst in us receiving divine guidance; it allows us to get out of the logical and rational part of our mind and access the more empathic, emotional, and intuitive side of who we are. Cannabis acts as the medium in which we’re able to more easily access and communicate with the angelic realms. 

Why Archangel Gabriel?

Associated with water and the direction of west, Archangel Gabriel is the angel of poetry and communication and associated with artists, creatives, and the Moon. As the Archangel associated with water, Gabriel is also connected to love, our emotional world, our intuition, and the subtle aspects of the body like the heart chakra. Gabriel is the angel of emotional healing, and is intrinsically connected to the heart chakra- the energetic center at the center of your chest that is associated with compassion and love. Archangel Gabriel vibrates at this divine frequency of love, and in art is seen both as male and female, which mirrors the energy of the cannabis plant seamlessly. Archangel Gabriel is a muse for poets, writers and creatives and can be worked with to access inspiration whenever we need.

Associated with the color green, Gabriel is not only connected to the power of cannabis in this way, but also to the heart chakra which is also green. When we’re working with Gabriel, we’re inviting the energy of divine compassion, inspiration, and creativity into our lives. Just like cannabis is an energetic heart opener, so is the energy of this Archangel. Thankfully, we can work with these two powerful forces together to continue tapping into our ever abundant well of compassion, romance and love.

How to begin working with Archangel Gabriel and Cannabis

The thing with working with Archangels is that they are beings that can’t interfere with our free will. We have to ask or invite them into our lives to connect with them. Thankfully, this can be as easy as speaking this intention out loud. You don’t even need to know what you’re looking for or what you want, you simply have to speak this intention out loud. The archangels can’t do anything that goes against our free will, so they can’t work their magick and miracles until we ask them to. You can call out for this interdimensional support whenever you need, and you can also be formal about it, like creating a ritual with cannabis to help you open your heart to the possibility of being guided in this way. 

A ritual bath for connecting to Archangel Gabriel

Since Gabriel is the Archangel of water, what better way to connect with them then through a bath ritual? You can smoke in the tub or work with a CBD or THC bath bomb or another topical to connect with plant medicine in this way before speaking out loud to connect with and receive guidance from Archangel Gabriel. You may wish to set an intention; whether that’s to connect with Gabriel, to be guided deeper into your heart, or to channel more creativity. Then you can set up your space with green or white candles, fill the tub with Epsom salt and herbs like lavender or rose, and dim the lights so you’re focused on what your body feels like.

As you’re ready, you can speak your intention out loud, asking to connect with Archangel Gabriel. Then soak in your tub and allow yourself to receive divine guidance, messages, and intuitive downloads. You may wish to visualize and breathe in a glowing green light into your body and call in more love and healing into your life in this way. You may wish to pray to Archangel Gabriel, take a hit or two in their honor, or simply soak as you release all that’s holding you back from connecting to your heart. Once you’re finished with this bath ritual, you may wish to thank both Gabriel and the cannabis plant for their guidance, recording any downloads, feelings, or visions you had while in the bath. 

Working with the written word to connect with Archangel Gabriel

Another way to work with Archangel Gabriel is through writing. You can write poetry after calling out to them and asking for them to be present in your life and in this exercise. Or you can practice automatic writing as a way to communicate and receive messages from this angel. You may wish to smoke some cannabis to help lower inhibitions about feeling silly about doing this while also opening your heart, or you can work with CBD to make sure you’re in the most centered place possible when doing this ritual. Before you begin you can also take some time to meditate and connect to your heart center, and feel into what you need in the moment, so you can ask Gabriel to help you with this. You may also wish to hold or surround yourself with green and pink crystals to further access the loving vibration of Gabriel and cannabis.

Whether you’re writing some prose or letting Archangel Gabriel speak through you, you can use something like the following to craft the intention to work with this angel “I intend to make contact with the Archangel Gabriel. Please write through me, I am a channel to receive.” After stating this out loud, start writing and keep your pen moving, allowing whatever comes through to come through. You can put a timer on for a certain amount of time, say 25 minutes, or you can just write until you feel called to stop. Then, read over your writing and see how it speaks to you. You may not get much the first time, but if you continue this ritual and reaffirming this relationship with Gabriel in this way, then you’re sure to receive what you need. When you’re finished, thank Gabriel, the cannabis plant, and yourself for trying something new!

Leave the shame or embarrassment at home

Just like there’s stigma around talking to angels and beings that we can’t see, so is there stigma around working with cannabis. And you may very well feel some embarrassment or shame about working with cannabis to talk to angels because of this. The thing to remember, however, is that as human beings on this human plane, we are entitled to work with plant medicine and we are entitled to expand our own consciousness and knowledge of the universe. That means working with magick, working with plant medicine and working with angels. 

No matter how you start on the journey of exploring the energy of Archangel Gabriel alongside that of cannabis, know that you are supported, you are safe and you have nothing to worry about. This is a relationship you can build on whenever you want. No matter where this journey takes you, may Archangel Gabriel and cannabis help you tap more fully into your heart and your potential. And so it is!

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