Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List: The 4/20 Special

Check out the latest Cop List from our VP of Content, featuring products from Flower Mill, Brothers Broadleaf, and more!

The Cop List is back, baby! If you’ve been paying attention you probably already know what this is. I’ve done about 35 of these collections so far, profiling the best of the best new products I’ve found from across the globe. I can’t let the gang get duped by fancy marketing, so we’re out in the streets digging through the nonsense so you don’t have to. Over 350 products have been added to this collection so far, which is admittedly a lot, but things keep getting better so I’m not slowing down. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Now, while there’s typically a heavy focus on THC goods, in the spirit of our favorite holiday I wanted to compile a collection of my favorite gear so that all of you reading can take your own sesh to the next level of convenience this year. It’s a list that will help you get the most out of that precious material you’ve likely already picked out for the special day. As such, this list leans heavily into the hardware that’s made my rituals all that much more zen recently, from the ease of production to the ease of consumption. I hope they help elevate your rituals as well, and that you reach a new level of highness in celebration of the lord’s holiest day, 4/20. If not, you can always try again the next day. Or the next. 4/22 is 4/20, too. Basically. It’s just a day. There are no real rules.

Anyway, always feel free to reach out on Instagram or Twitter to let me know what you liked, what you didn’t, and your own must-haves! So many of these selections have come from readers who wanted to put us onto the special thing that they’ve got going, or are using, so don’t be shy. We’re all friends here. @joncappetta

Flower Mill

cop list
Courtesy Flower Mill

I can’t say enough how much I love this grinder. I don’t know if it’s sacrilege to call it that, considering it’s a mill, but it’s the easiest way to communicate to you all what this does. Trust me when I tell you this toothless smash-model provides a way more manageable ground plant experience than you’re probably used to. No powderization! Complete with different grate-sizing, this jawn works great for anything from packing bowls to rolling blunts, and try as I might to put ‘em through the ringer, none have ever broken on me. I’ve got three now and I take one everywhere I go. You’ll never go back to the old style again.

Brothers Broadleaf

cop list
Courtesy Brothers Broadleaf

While I’m primarily a joint guy, I’ve never disliked the blunt experience. In fact, if anything they were initially a “special occasion” thing for me due to the product required to fill a respectable L. However, once I moved to California I was almost put off of them entirely due to the proliferation of Backwoods out here. I grew up on Dutch Masters, I’m used to a clean blunt, and Backwoods are… not that. Well friends, I’m happy to report you can now step up your game. The family-owned and operated Brothers Broadleaf is here to provide the most premium leaf experience the market has to offer, and you’ll never get a stale or broken one! In fact, these blunt wraps were actually born out of the need for a more reliable product, not just the cash opportunity that might be sitting under a new industry, and I’m stoked to see them grow. 

Proxy Droplet

cop list
Courtesy Puffco

If you’re smoking hash, few products have ever streamlined and uplifted the experience like Puffco’s Proxy. While I’ve been a Peak fan forever, it’s hard to argue with the probability and convenience of their new device. You can bring this guy EVERYWHERE. Even better, Puffco recently released the Droplet, their water pipe attachment to what was originally a dry pipe, and while they did get me hitting raw for a while, the filtration makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Though they released another model late last year, the Droplet is in my experience the best companion piece for the lil’ ripper so far, and great for entry-level and die-hards alike.

Black Market Glass

Courtesy Black Market Glass

While Puffco’s products are great, I know many of you can’t get away from your fancy rigs and traditional dabs, so if you’re a glass enthusiast, you should really check out what Black Market Glass is producing. While slurpers have become much more available as of late, these guys are constantly elevating the game with new bangers and accessories to optimize your art’s function. My favorite product they make, aptly called the “Terp Titty,” will drip your preferred concentrate into your banger over time providing a fuller expression of the good’s flavor profile. Though the name may be a bit cheeky, you’re going to be stoked on how this accessory performs.

Pixie Stix

Courtesy Pixie Stix

I know I mentioned this guy in our December issue in the Year of the Hash Hole piece, but if there’s one THC product I’m going to make sure I have on me to celebrate with this year it’s without question Pixie Stix hash wrapped joints. For those that missed the last review, Pixie Stix are rolled in a hash paper––that is, a thin pressed hash square wrapped around a filter and filled with some of the best flower California has to offer. Now these are a traditional market product, so while it’s nearly impossible to find in stores they ARE out there, and with good coverage across the country at least in major metros!

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