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The Origins of Your Favorite Weed Slang

Weed slang is as varied and diverse as the very plants they describe.



The Devil’s Lettuce

The Origins of Your Favorite Weed Slang

Perhaps the most hilarious way to talk about ganj, the devil’s lettuce was no joke back in the day. In the 19th century, people referred to marijuana as Indian Hemp due to its origin.

A report released by the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission in 1894 found that “the moderate use practically produced no ill effects.”

So marijuana was re-branded as a different drug that made people aggressive and deranged. The “devil’s lettuce” was the perfect name for this evil substance.

Final Hit: The Origins of Your Favorite Weed Slang

There are endless ways to blaze and even more ways to talk about it. But much of weed culture remains shrouded in myth and mystery. For the origins of your favorite weed slang that remain an enigma, we hope you make up your own backstories.

Or, better yet, leave your own mark on 420 history.

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