Pennsylvania Cops Use Twitter to Try to Flush Out Pot Growers

If you have been illegally growing marijuana in Dover Township, Pennsylvania, chances are the local cops have already seized your weed — that is the bad news. The good news is they have no suspects, which has motivated the boys in blue to post a series of sarcastic cop commentary on the social media in hopes of getting some dumb stoner to rat himself out.

Earlier last week, the Northern York County Regional Police announced that a team of officers discovered a local marijuana crop growing in a nearby area. However, rather than destroy the plants, they stuffed them into the back of a patrol car and transported them back to the station for an afternoon photo session. The pictures were then uploaded to the department’s Twitter account accompanied by the following message:

“These marijuana plants were harvested near Colonial Rd. If they are yours and you can prove ownership, please call.”

Disappointed by the lack of response from their initial post, the department made a second attempt a few hours later that read: “If they are yours please call to claim them.”

Fortunately, the plant’s rightful owner was not stupid enough to fall for this unoriginal display of bad cop humor. We use the word “unoriginal” because several police agencies in the United Kingdom have already been using this stunt for the past few years.

In May, the Burnley Police took to Twitter in order to reconnect a lost stash with one of the local stoners. “Anyone lost a huge amount of cannabis in the Burnley area? Don’t panic, we found it! Pop in to the station to collect it.. #we’rewaiting,” followed by a second post that read, “#specialoffer free overnight accommodation, in walking distance of local shops & each room has a nice selection of bars! #anytakers #free”

In 2012, the Solihull Police found an illegal grow operation and posted the following to their Twitter account: “Anyone lost a huge amount of cannabis in the Chelmsley Wood area? Don’t panic, we found it. Please come to the police station to collect it.”

The Northern York County Regional Police Department admits they are not holding their breath for someone to claim the weed, but they would undoubtedly enjoy making the arrest if it happened — an offense that carries a sentence of one year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

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