Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Plus, the rest of our High Horoscopes for December!
High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

The High Times monthly astrological forecast, complete with strain recommendations! Check out your High Horoscopes below.

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Neural pathways can be imagined as ski runs descending from the top of a mountain. Each new thought is a thrust off the peak, down a course. Each obstacle forces a choice, to the left or the right, to this following thought and then to the next. The more often you go down the same path, the deeper the groove is and the more likely you will follow the same direction next time. No surprise that you always end up at the same point at the bottom.

Want a new perspective? Change the first obstacle choice from left to right. Suddenly you are breaking new snow. It’s harder to be a trailblazer; the more established routes are smoother, which is why you must be vigilant.

Strain Recommendation: Sour Star Head

High Horoscopes: Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

You think you know yourself pretty well at this point, don’t you? Tried and tested, no more surprises. Well, what if you take one of your more staid axioms and decide it isn’t true after all? Perhaps you don’t really enjoy staying home when it rains and maybe now you adore getting soaked? Is there a chance that instead of a sense of trepidation, you will have a sense of wonder when your plane lifts off? Could it be that cilantro doesn’t taste like soap when you pair it with watermelon and pepper?

You won’t know until you try, and you won’t try until you make the decision that B doesn’t always follow A.  The end result isn’t always the same because each day is new.

Strain Recommendation: White Tahoe Cookies

High Horoscopes: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Something happened while you slept: a chemical reaction, a celestial realignment, a dream-state lesson, a tectonic shift or a body swap. You awoke, somehow completely ready to tackle every personal demon. And you don’t falter as you move past the hurdles; you get informed, activated, encouraged, inspired. You sort out your shit. What a transformation!

You Aquarians are such stubborn slow burners. No matter who advises you, not an inch will be shifted until you are ready. Then, suddenly, a moment comes and you are changed. What makes it happen today instead of yesterday? Only the cosmos know, but thank the stars it has finally happened.

Strain Recommendation: Rebel Tangie Candy

High Horoscopes: Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Repetition is a form of change, because while each action may be the same, every moment in time is fresh, and the knowledge you have gained from the last turn around will inform this one. And so on. The moment repetition stops being change is when you stop paying attention.

So keep your eyes open! Listen for minute changes, look for the most delicate hue shift and feel the temperature rise by half a degree. Otherwise, this repetition is nothing but an exercise in futility and your life is being wasted. Make the most of every moment by being aware of it. Think of yourself in training to be the most awake human being ever to walk the earth.

Strain Recommendation: Silver Calyx

High Horoscopes: Aries (March 21 – April 19)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

This is the month to take stock of your undeveloped skills, those that lurk beneath your chosen profession’s qualifications. Just because you make your cash one way right now, doesn’t mean that you can’t get all your talents working for you. What do people say about you that peaks your interest? Have you been told you should do stand up, or that you’re freaky good at doing math in your head, or you give the best hugs?

Monetize that shit, ’cause your present situation is drying up behind the scenes. Any day now you might need to whip out some tasty abilities to impress a new set of bosses. Think that you are in a talent show and your ventriloquist dummy has gone missing five minutes before you have to perform. What’s your back up act?

Strain Recommendation: Bear Dance

High Horoscopes: Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Please, ask your body a few questions this month. If you aren’t on speaking terms, let me suggest some icebreakers: Hi body, what are you struggling with? How can I treat you with more respect? Why do you feel older than you should?

And then, if you can, listen to the response. Bodies can’t talk, you say? And that is absolutely the problem. Of course, they do and yours has loads to discuss!

Get out of your verbal/mental sinkhole and remember that there are many non-linguistic ways to communicate. There is a reason you keep stubbing your left foot but not your right, it is a signal. Your recent inability to eat garlic without breaking out in zits is a signal. That twitch in your eye is a signal! Shut up and listen!

Strain Recommendation: Golden Soda

High Horoscopes: Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Take the direct route this month. Don’t dillydally, or hem and haw, don’t futz about or play hot and cold. There is too much at stake.  So much critical information needs to be communicated. Taking the long way home might taste temporarily sweet, but let me assure you, it will create such havoc that your month will be spent putting out all the fires your circuitous ass started.

Sit me down, look into my eyes and tell me the tough news. Take my hand, clear your throat and reveal your truth. Don’t let fear take over your clarity. A crystal sharp vision is what you need to save you from a swamp of dirty, sad pain.

Strain Recommendation: Acid Dough

High Horoscopes: Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Who’s to say what is real? For all you know The Truman Show was a documentary and The Matrix was an instruction manual. Perhaps we were told the stories of Alice and the white rabbit to prepare us for the truth; that there is no such thing as reality. You understand this, don’t you? You used to live closer to the line between our perceived shared truth and the great vast nothing-everything-ness.

It’s been a while, you have to admit, since you have allowed yourself the “privilege” of time to ponder such thoughts. So it might come as a bit of a shock when some of those invisible reality barriers crash down this month. Try not to forget that fear is just one of the many responses you can have.

Strain Recommendation: Mag Landrace

High Horoscopes: Leo (July 23 – August 22)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Calm down and trust your team. Damn, your cortisol levels must be crazy! What’s with this sudden lack of trust? Why does every conversation come down to you emphasizing all the super important things that NEED to get done RIGHT NOW? Whoa there lil’ doggy! You poor thing… it’s like watching an old dog lick compulsively till patches of fur come off.

The cosmos are saddened by your fear, especially since you’re actually doing quite well on every other front. It’s only your perception that makes it scary. As simplistic as this sounds—try looking on the bright side. Find the silver lining, glass half full, all that crap. You need to take a minute to feel the wins before hunkering down for the next game.

Strain Recommendation: Forbidden Fruit

High Horoscopes: Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Do your words need changing? Or is it your perception? Either way, something needs a shift because you’re starting to piss people off. We know you don’t intend to come off as condescending, but your exacting nature doesn’t always sit well with those who are naturally less, shall we say, accurate and intense? At your core, you are a deeply lovely soul, but your presentation skills need some refinement. Some days are better than others; December will be one of those less good times.

Please take a moment before speaking to breathe and reflect on what it is you really want to say and how it may be interpreted. Assume you are surrounded by precious snowflakes who are ready to be insulted at the drop of a hat. Learn how to tiptoe over fields of eggshells. This is the way you will survive the festivities unscathed.

Strain Recommendation: Zombie Kush

High Horoscopes: Libra (September 23 – October 22)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

Tidy up, please. Not the kitchen or your act. Sorry to say, but it’s your consciousness that needs a bit of a wipe down with a damp cloth. Your life’s getting messier, with all the wants of others clouding up your needs. You must take this seriously. Just trying to survive it as best you can without making waves is no way to live anymore.

Take some affirmative action and clean out your fears, hesitations, apprehensions and cultural propriety; all the crap that hides in your subconscious subbasement. Junk it all and make some hard demands, that is once you’ve figured out what it is you just can’t be asked to bother with anymore.

Strain Recommendation: Electric Lemonade

High Horoscopes: Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

High Horoscopes: Sagittarius? Use Pot To Be A Trailblazer This Month

It’s all very glamorous to gallop up on your fancy steed and save the day, but is it always appropriate to play the hero? You have a strong will and a sharp tongue, challenging those who do you wrong isn’t a difficult task, in fact, you tend to revel in it. For others, however, it is their personal hell. So why shouldn’t you swoop in?

First and foremost, question whether in your speed to jump in you haven’t stepped on those you intended to rescue. Perhaps they just needed support or time to get their own justice avenger costume on. Secondly, what are your intentions? It’s fine to feel some self-satisfaction at being helpful, but would you be so quick to act if there was no audience to impress? And finally, are you damn sure that confrontation is the way this moment needs to be dealt with? What you may perceive as ineffectuality on the part of the victim may be mindfulness in action.

Strain Recommendation: Bright Moments

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