The Dankest Party Bus You’ve Ever Seen: My Ride with Loopr

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We are well into marijuana legalization here in Colorado. Throughout the state, we have marijuana dispensaries in virtually every city and small town. Weed hotels, dab bars, bud and breakfasts, social clubs and now a party bus named Loopr that cruises the city while chauffeuring around patrons as they get high and socialize.

The bus hosts different events such as the “Bud Crawl,” where it drives around and dips into different dispensaries in the city. Loopr also attends events and stops at other locations throughout Denver, touring the city. I was rather intrigued by this, so I had to check it out.

This is my ride with Loopr!

It’s the end of the day, and I’m walking down Broadway crossing 11th Avenue in Denver, Colorado. I’m following my crew to venture onto Loopr, which is supposed to cruise around while people get blazed in a massive party tour bus—complete with dab rigs, e-nails, torches, rolling papers and sanitary wipes, amongst other smoking accessories to facilitate a hazy cruise for everyone on the bus.

Photo by Chewberto420

I arrived a little early to City Hall, a nightclub in downtown Denver. Groups of people had already began to socialize outside the venue upon the side walk. Cannabis brands, locals, photographers, extract companies, dispensaries owners, social media personalities and plenty more active people were all mingling in the heart of Denver!

Photo by Chewberto420

As I approached the scene, on the sidewalk there was an old trailer and airstream parked out front with people hanging out, sitting on bean bags, folks entering and exiting the trailers at will. I was joking in my head that this was actually the Loopr Bus, as I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleased to find out moments later when a full-size Freightliner Coach bus rolled up that this was Loopr. The people started lining up to get on.

Photo by Chewberto420

The bus had just completed their Bud Crawl, where Loopr drives to a number of local pot shops and allows folks to check out what they have to offer. It gives the riders an opportunity to purchase, bring back product to the bus and sample their purchases, or take it home for later—whatever suits them.

Photo by Chewberto420

Upon entering the bus, I saw visitors snapping photos, TV’s, lights and lasers, music bumping, people laughing, host Bobby Blaze hyping up the spot and folks already in the throes of medicated happiness. It was reminiscent of the club, but a much more relaxed scene with plenty of good smoke in the air.

Photo by Chewberto420

People with e-nails were already melting dabs as soon as I stepped on. I was immediately offered one before I sat down, and I obliged. I could tell that I was served some type of distillate with added terpenes, really citrusy, but decided I needed something more my style. I whipped out the Gorilla Glue Live Resin that I had brought, melted my GG4 and slipped into my comfort zone.

Photo by Chewberto420

I sat down and began watching everyone interact with one another. It was nice to experience this social stoner scene. This positive function had put a huge smile on my face. People getting high, happy faces, meeting new friends! Truly a genuine vibe for any stoner.

Photo by Chewberto420

As the time passed, the jams played and many dabs and water bottles later, they continued to fill the Loopr Bus over and over again with new heads from all walks of life. I wasn’t quite sure if people were coming in from the City Hall Nightclub to get high, or from the street to dab and go back on with their night. From where or why they came on the Loopr Bus, I couldn’t tell; all I know is that they were extremely excited to sit down. They had a blast while they were inside and were even more elated as they exited the bus to slip back into the dark of night.

Photo by Chewberto420

I soon found it time to do the same for myself. I entered the bus in daylight slightly stoned and exited in the dark with a heavy fog over my eyes. I was ready to end my night. I decided to chat with a few people outside the Loopr Bus before I made my getaway. I asked them how they enjoyed the experience, and each of them had nothing but positive things to say about their time on the bus.

After speaking with them, I gained a strong appreciation for Loopr for providing locals, tourists and people new to the marijuana scene a spot that gives them all they could ask for in one stop—most importantly, the piece of mind to have a safe place to burn. What a wonderful thing!

If you’re in Denver, and you want to meet new people who smoke cannabis and dab but don’t know where to go, then Loopr would be the first place I would start. It’s a wonderful place to go to experience all the Mile High City has to offer. Make sure you check out for news on events, destinations and more information regarding the Loopr Bus schedule. Get on the bus and enjoy the ride!

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