Watch: Mormon Missionaries Try LSD For The First Time

Watch: Mormon Missionaries Try LSD For The First Time

Watching Mormon missionaries try LSD for the first time is guaranteed to be the best thing you’ve watched all day. Maybe even all week. The video was conceived and produced by the comedy trio known as The Kloons and was posted online Monday. The video is similar to the ones produced by Cut, where three people smoke weed together. Only instead of getting pleasantly stoned on good ole’ THC, the participants in this video are pleasantly tripping their faces off on LSD.


Similar to most religions, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS, has some pretty strict rules.

The followers of this church, commonly known as Mormons, are forbidden to partake in certain acts, like drinking alcohol, consuming hot beverages, using drugs or having premarital sex. While the degree of how closely one follows the rules of the Church may vary from person to person, many Mormons are fairly by-the-book.

So the fact that The Kloons found not one but three members of the LDS Church to drop acid on film is pretty remarkable. And not only that but the fact that all three are Mormon missionaries? We’re fairly certain that this is unprecedented.

The Video

Similar to the Cut videos featuring people smoking cannabis, the video opens with a brief interview. The missionaries explain their religion’s stance on drugs and alcohol. One confesses to trying a beer, and another admits to having sampled coffee.

Then, they all put a square sheet of LSD on their tongues and the party gets going. They all seem to have a great time!

As the Mormon missionaries try LSD and it starts to kick in, they marvel at the magic of their bodies. They are in awe of the automatic mechanisms of muscle and bone movements. They listen to techno music through a pair of headphones and thoroughly enjoy the music bouncing around their ears.

The interviewer, who remains behind the camera, asks them questions. He asks them specifically about their feelings about their faith and their attitude about their duties as missionaries. One admits that his faith is the product of what his parents taught him.

Things take a turn when the interviewer asks the participants to draw a picture of their ideal lives. Two draw their families and a Mormon temple. One draws himself as a businessman looking up into the sun…and engaged in a sexual act with another man. His new friends don’t say anything negative or discouraging.

Final Hit: Mormon Missionaries Try LSD For The First Time

No one can predict the outcome of having Mormon missionaries try LSD. But we’d have to say that it was just as entertaining as we thought it would be. Although the topic of God and faith did come up, the majority of the trip, or rather what we saw of the trip, remained lighthearted and free-spirited. There is an issue though. One of the participants essentially came out during this video, which is sure to go viral, if it hasn’t already. Someone from his community will likely witness him admitting to harboring some same-sex attraction, which his religion looks down upon. It seems exploitative, and, frankly, irresponsible to put this man, who was under the influence of LSD, at risk of ostracization and violence from his community. We can only hope that things turn out well for him.

[Update: Upon further investigation, we have found that this is a parody video. It’s still worth the watch.]

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