10 Rules for Dabbing Etiquette

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Before you dab with friends, it’s important to know proper etiquette, so as not to look foolish. Here are our handy and helpful hints that will hopefully keep you from making any dabbing faux pas.

1. Full Disclosure

Before smoking with a newb dabber, ask them if they smoke weed every day. You want to make sure this is a pleasant experience for all parties involved, and you certainly don’t want someone flipping out, passing out or vomiting all over the room.

2. Ladies First

We are stoners, not savages.

3. Keep It Clean

Wipe your dab tool clean every time you use it (alcohol wipes work great).

4. Keep It Breezy

When seshing with others, leave the dome off after you hit the rig — this will help speed things up (unless you have a domeless rig or an e-nail, in which case, carry on…)

5. Be a Boy Scout

When it comes to preparedness, at least: always know your torch’s butane level and be sure you’re stocked with two cans at all times.

6. Don’t Be A Dick: Waste Not

Take all you can dab, but dab all you take.

7. No Freeloading

Sharing is caring, but don’t be a mooch — dabs are expensive.

8. No Manhandling

Don’t touch another person’s dabs with your hands unless you ask for permission — this is how you transfer things like fingerprints and grease. Plus, if the concentrate is not stable, you’ll end up with it on your hands instead of in your rig. No bueno.

9. Know Your Limitations

Dab responsibly and remember, drooling is not sexy.

10. Keep it Clean, Again

Use fresh water and clean your rig regularly.


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