Spark Up: How to Celebrate the 4th of July with Cannabis

This 4th of July, celebrate by puffing and passing, infusing your edibles, watching some fireworks, or supporting your charity of choice.
4th of July
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Wherever you’re at with your feelings on the U.S. this month—be it joy around the concept of puff, puff passing freely in your state, or frustration with recent federal events—we have you covered. Here are a few ways to celebrate the holiday, whether that means giving back in ways that feel meaningful to you or having fun and staying high

Give Back to Veterans in Cannabis 

The fourth is a great day to remember those who have served in the armed forces. Veterans are at a disproportionate risk for conditions like PTSD, and our country doesn’t always do the best job of taking care of our Veterans. This year for the fourth, you can show your support by purchasing from brands like Kill Cliff, a CBD energy drink company founded by a Navy Seal, or Patriot Supreme, a brand that gives back by providing CBD edibles to veterans in need through their Hero Program.  

Support Charities That Celebrate Freedom

If you’re upset over the lack of healthcare access implied by the Roe v. Wade decision being overturned, we completely get it if you’re not in the headspace to celebrate. But you can do more than just sit at home and sulk, passing up the potato salad and fireworks as a matter of protest. Give back to organizations like Planned Parenthood that are standing up for reproductive rights and individual freedom. Put your day off to good use, and make a donation!

Blaze While You Grill 

It’s the iconic 4th of July picture we all have blazed into our brain: someone in dad mode, with a beer in hand, grilling for the whole family. Shake things up a little this year and use an infused oil on your grill brush. If you’re trying to stay away from booze, reach for a nice, cold THC beverage instead. Just make sure to always consume responsibly, especially around severe heat!  

Micro- or Macrodose During Fireworks 

Even if you’re not a big patriot or outdoors person and could do without most of it, everyone loves a good firework! There’s something about the loud sounds and bright colors that release tension, and if you’re in a major city, the big fireworks shows are always gorgeous and captivating. 

Taking a few edibles will make the light shows pop off even more. Of course, always consume safely, and only go this route if you’re safely watching a show put on by friends or your local municipality, not if you’re setting them off yourself. If you’re a newbie, try microdosing. Some edibles these days come in doses as small as 1 mg. If you’re more of a seasoned pro, dive right into the deep end with 1000 mg, and watch the colors explode! 

Infuse Your Fourth of July Foods 

For some, myself included, no matter where you are mentally when it comes to the 4th of July, the best part is the food. As someone born and raised in Virginia, BBQ and potato salad literally make the day what it is, and I wouldn’t want to celebrate without my favorite goodies. This year, make this a little more spicy with some infused goodness for the 4th. You can either purchase infused oil to grill with or butter, mayonnaise, or cheese to cook with, or make your own if you have the materials and are in the mood for a challenge. 

Whatever you do for the 4th of July this year, make sure to keep it stoney and chill, and if the spirit moves you, use the holiday as a chance to give back to those who help fight for freedom and justice. 

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