6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Avoid the 6 ways to kill a smoke sesh to keep the vibes right.
6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Smoke sessions with weed are a great way to bond with friends. However, if you’re not considerate, you might actually be causing a rift between you and your homies. There are several ways to kill a smoke sesh, avoid them so you don’t have to wonder why you stopped getting invited to sesh.

Knock Over Full Grinder

6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

A great way to kill a smoke sesh before it even starts is to knock over a grinder full of weed.

Imagine everyone contributes money and weed to the sesh. The grinder is full and waiting to be emptied but someone knocks it over.

As a result, everyone is forced to smoke dirty weed. Only if it was even dropped somewhere where it can be retrieved. Otherwise, nobody gets to smoke that weed and the sesh is dead.

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