6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Avoid the 6 ways to kill a smoke sesh to keep the vibes right.
6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Never Ashing

6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Another surprise that can ruin a smoke sesh for someone is ash on their clothing.

Some people forget to ash before passing. If one fourth or more of the joint is ash, it’s beyond the time to let some go.

Don’t pass it along to the next person before ashing because it might fall directly on them.

If you don’t want to kill the smoke sesh, make sure you ash before you pass a joint that looks like it has Marge Simpson’s hairdo.

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  1. Number 7: “Are you high????”
    asking if the rest of the ppl you’re with are high already can be annoying af.

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