Product Review: The Deezy Vape by The Kind Pen

A dry herb vape that can fit in the palm of your hand? Sign us up!
Product Review: The Deezy Vape by The Kind Pen
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A recent survey indicated that most cannabis users prefer flower over concentrates. As someone who seriously doesn’t enjoy concentrates, when I read the study, I felt totally vindicated; you can’t beat the classics! But with the tried-and-true method of smoking pot, you may run into a problem. Namely the lingering anxiety about what all that smoke could be doing to your lungs, if it’s doing anything to your lungs. 

I consume quite a bit of cannabis and I’ve been trying to ease my lung health anxiety by using dry herb vapes more often than I smoke. Luckily, nowadays, there are so many dry herb vapes to choose from! I had the opportunity to try out a new one this week: The Deezy Vape by The Kind Pen.

The Deezy

At first glance, The Deezy distinguishes itself from other dry herb vapes with its small size. Seriously, this thing can fit in the palm of your hand and with its smooth exterior and light weight, it feels great in your grip. It’s also ridiculously easy to use. Just load the full ceramic chamber with your favorite strain of freshly-ground bud, screw the glass mouthpiece on, click the power button five times, and away it goes! The Deezy will immediately start heating up your cannabis to your desired temperature, vibrating to let you know when it’s ready. 

You can even set your desired temperature, with a range of 302º F to 437º F (150º C to 225º C). Once the temperature of your choosing is reached, The Deezy will hold it steady for a three-minute period, notifying you with a vibration once the sesh is over. You can also watch the numbers go up and down on the OLED screen right at the top, next to the mouthpiece for your convenience. The vape will also automatically turn off after five minutes of inactivity. 

The Verdict

I really enjoyed using The Deezy! Thanks to the ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece, I was able to fully taste and enjoy the cannabis I was consuming, which is something you can lose with other vapes on the market. Especially since The Deezy is currently one of the only compact dry herb vapes with this feature. 

The battery life is also a selling point. The Deezy boasts a 1100mAh battery, which gives it an extended life, so you can just charge it up, load your bud, and not have to worry about it dying on you when you need it most. 

Because of the combination of this vape’s size, weight, battery life, and clean taste, I find myself reaching for The Deezy way more often than I was reaching for my glass pipe. I’ve already recommended this vape to my friends and my coworkers here at High Times. And now I’m recommending it to all of you. Give your lungs a breather and give The Deezy a try!

  1. I have used dry herb vape, and I did like it, but the issue is dry herb vape almost always requires more power as heating herbs takes a lot of energy. The good thing is dry herb vape can use much lower heat settings to achieve the same goal as a wax vape, which always needs higher temperatures to melt down the concentrate. And honestly speaking have never used wax vape because I think dry herb is more convenient to use. There is no issue of the chamber to leak, all of the above. , Here are some best strains for weed.

  2. I purchased the Deezy, and so far I love it. There are problems with their customer service however. Emails take forever, no one answers the phone. No one calls you back after you’ve left a message. I bought a second one as a gift, and the grinder that they include with your purchase wasn’t sent. This was over black Friday/cyber Monday and so the vaporizer was half off, but if you say it comes with a grinder, you should send it. After reading reviews of The Kind Pen’s customer service when you have a warranty issue, I don’t think I’d even bother trying. I’ll just move on to another company.
    I wish High Times would review the company itself, not just the products.

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