Product Review: Timbr Organics’ Hemp Disposables—A New Kind of CBD Vape

It only takes a few hits to experience the positive, stress-relieving effects of Timbr Organics’ Hemp Disposables.
Product Review: Timbr Organics' Hemp Disposables—A New Kind of CBD Vape
Courtesy of Timbr Organics

Timbr Organics can provide an unclouded and calm mind. The company’s hemp disposables, CBD vapes, keep days and nights nice and light. The products are nothing short of exceptional when it comes to handling stressful, busy days or, in some cases, physically painful days. 

Timbr Organics prides itself on striking a balance of performance, flavor, and quality. The company’s two cannabinoid and terpene-rich strains, Jack Herer and Fire OG, in particular, do the trick every time. The disposables contain 500mg of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil. To put that giant figure into perspective, CBD vape pens typically contain around 150-300mg of CBD isolate. Timbr’s hemp is 100% domestically sourced. There’s less than 0.3% of THC, which is the legal limit. 

Timbr’s headquarters is in Garden Grove, California. The company became a strong force in the CBD world when it opened for business back in 2020. Timbr doesn’t only offer reliable disposable pens that don’t malfunction or let oil seep out early, but also sells hemp cigarettes, flowers, and pre-rolls. The products are available in the United States, as well in stores across the seas, such as the United Kingdom.

Timbr Organics’ Hemp Disposables

With their disposable pens, though, CBD fans will feel the effects of the oil at a quicker rate. Often, it takes 15 minutes or less to experience the extraordinary benefits. Since the cannabinoids hit the bloodstream faster from smoking, the effect is commonly stronger. With edibles, the concentrations of the cannabinoid are often diminished during digestion. 

The hemp disposables, which only cost $29.99, feature a variety of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, and others. The percentage of each cannabinoid is dependent on the strain, which is information Timbr Organics provides on their website and packaging. These products are all lab-tested for safety by an ISO-certified third-party lab. There’s a QR code on Timbr Organics’ packaging to show consumers the reports. Timbr Organics wants their consumers to know what they’re smoking, because what they’re smoking is mighty clean and powerful.

Unfortunately, due to the PACT Act, which Congress amended to include vaping products earlier this year, Timbr can’t sell their pristine hemp disposables on their website. However, their disposables are still available for wholesale orders and in select retail locations.

Product Review: Timbr Organics' Hemp Disposables—A New Kind of CBD Vape
Courtesy of Timbr Organics

With 500mg of CBD, consumers can make these disposable pens last as they won’t run empty too fast. It only takes a few hits, if that, to experience the positive, stress-relieving sensations. There are 150 hits available. It’s a mellow good time. The products do manage stress and anxiety well. It turns down the volume and turns up the focus on the task at hand, whether it’s mental or physical. These are ideal for work or even intense exercise. The oils produce clarity and focus.

Timbr Organics’ oils relieve physical pain in a matter of minutes as well. For the gym rats of the world, the oils can also ease the pain of sore muscles. Before, during, and after a workout, these disposable pens are a good friend to keep by one’s side to lessen the pain of any injury or soreness. 

The effect is wonderfully euphoric with THC thrown into the mix. After smoking a bowl, ingesting an edible, or hitting a THC pen, Timbr’s oil makes strong highs all the more relaxing. Physically and mentally, the two can put a smoker into a great headspace to relax, create, or get work done. These oils have a wide range of benefits and purposes. 

While some disposable pens are laughably big and not at all discreet, that’s not the case with Timbr Organics. The sleek and simple pens are just the right size. The disposables take up hardly any room in a pocket. Either in black or white, the pens provide smooth hits. Whether a consumer wants a big or little hit, either preference feels nice and easy on the lungs.

Product Review: Timbr Organics' Hemp Disposables—A New Kind of CBD Vape
Courtesy of Timbr Organics

There are subtle, sometimes even tasty flavors. The Apple Fritter, in particular, has a low-key sweetness to it. It’s a pleasant taste and smell. They aren’t smelly or pungent enough to draw unwanted attention, either. Each disposable pen, including Orange Cookies, feature a different taste and smell. Both The Apple Fritter and Orange Cookies, which are new additions to the lineup, are fan favorites among Timbr’s smokers. They’re the most delicious of the batch. 

Sometimes, these oils even provide a different experience. The two cannabinoid and terpene-rich strains, Jack Herer and Fire OG, have stronger effects. The positive experience is simply amplified. Any THC consumer familiar with Jack Herer—a strain from the Netherlands—and the indicia-dominated hybrid Fire OG—which combines OG Kush and SFV OG Kush—will recognize the heavenly aroma of those two popular strains. There is the familiar sense of uplift. These two options are two of Timbr’s most popular. They are formulated with custom terpenes, as well. 

Another reason to try one of Timbr’s lightweight disposable pens: it can help kick nasty nicotine habits. Anyone using cigarettes to calm their nerves and relax can enjoy a safer alternative in Timbr Organics. The company’s oils relieve stress without that nasty taste or excessive sting to the lungs. If anyone is looking or struggling to ditch their cig addiction, oils as potent as Timbr’s might do the trick. 

A hit of any one of Timbr’s pens will not only meet but exceed a CBD consumer’s needs. As mentioned, there is 500mg of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Sometimes less is more, but not in the case of Timbr. The company’s disposable pens provide more quality hits, as well as more bang for one’s buck, without sacrificing quality. Any CBD fans looking for a quality option should seek out Timbr Organics. Their oils are worth smoking and savoring.

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