10 Best E-nails for Cannabis Concentrates

Perfect temperature dabs without the need for torches and butane.
10 Best E-Nails Of 2017

9. Dab Ninja Enail— Dab Ninja

10 Best E-Nails Of 2017
Dab Ninja

The Dab Ninja was made with the sneaky dabber in mind. You should be able to leave this lying around without anyone suspecting a thing. Unless it’s attached to your dab rig, nobody should know what a dab ninja is just by looking at it. If they do recognize it, they’ll probably ask you for a dab.

Price: $199.95

Pros: The Dab Ninja is a step above your average e-nail and it comes with everything you need to get started. The design is stealthy, hence the name. In fact, when there’s no glass attached, it looks like a bulky charger for a heavy-duty laptop. There are buttons and a digital screen for controlling the precise temperature of your coil.

Cons: For a tiny bit more money, you can get a more future-proof top-tier e-nail.

Why We Like It: One of the easiest e-nails to hide with precise temperature control settings.

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  1. Demonstration Videos? I like low surface area on my atomizer (nail) but am not good with butane/open flame. Too much surface area = more buildup and less precision to me. Going to check out the first one after reviewing a few and some like 710 that I already have. I’m moving towards something self-contained with low surface area and disposable parts. Also of interest was the box-mod type system. Honestly, I dont use tobacco and am not at all familiar with the box mod model.

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