10 Best E-nails for Cannabis Concentrates

Perfect temperature dabs without the need for torches and butane.
10 Best E-Nails Of 2017

4. D-i-Y Kit — D-Nail

10 Best E-Nails Of 2017

D-Nail has become one of the most recognized names in the e-nail world. They’ve released several models including the bare bone D-i-Y Nail. It’s a build your own set up so you’re going to have to put some work in before it works for you. It also means you don’t get a coil and titanium nail that fits it. Concentrate connoisseurs that still use their e-nails are upgrading their coils to fit their quartz nails. D-Nail offers the D-i-Y Nail at a much lower price point than D-i-Y Nail with a titanium nail and coil. So you don’t end up paying an extra $150 for a coil and titanium nail that you may not want to use.

Price: $200.00

Pros: The D-nail is one of the most durable e-nails to ever hit the market. The wires of their coils are protected by kevlar. The temperature setting is more accurate than most other similar e-nails available on the market. D-nails are a daily driver that’ll survive heavy abuse from heavy concentrate users. There is a two-year warranty on all components against failure during normal use. Made of fully recyclable and biodegradable parts.

Cons: One of the most expensive e-nails on our list without the capabilities of our top picks. After you pick your coil and nail the price will likely be equal to or greater than the price of our best e-nails.

Why We Like It: Sturdy e-nail backed by a warranty on any problems that may arise from regular use.

  1. Demonstration Videos? I like low surface area on my atomizer (nail) but am not good with butane/open flame. Too much surface area = more buildup and less precision to me. Going to check out the first one after reviewing a few and some like 710 that I already have. I’m moving towards something self-contained with low surface area and disposable parts. Also of interest was the box-mod type system. Honestly, I dont use tobacco and am not at all familiar with the box mod model.

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