10 Best E-nails for Cannabis Concentrates

Perfect temperature dabs without the need for torches and butane.
10 Best E-Nails Of 2017

If you’re dabbing on the regular, you should look into an e-nail to save money and make life easier. Once you have an e-nail, you won’t be doomed when your torch starts acting up or your can of butane runs out. If you go through a can or two of butane per month, your e-nail will pay for itself within a years time. With a portable e-nail, you won’t even need a rig. They come with water attachments and fire up faster than a desktop e-nail. We included both portable and at-home options on our list of the best e-nails.

E-nails make dabbing simpler and safer. Dabbing with a torch and nail leaves you vulnerable to burns from both. The metal end of a torch will remain hot enough to scar skin even after you’ve stopped torching a couple of minutes ago. With an e-nail, the only time you’ll be near anything hot is with a dab tool or Q-tip. You can do your dab, turn it off and take off without ever having to lift your rig. Once you figure out the ideal temperature settings on your e-nail, you can flick it on in the morning, brush your teeth and come back to it in time for a perfect temperature dab.

10. CloudV Electro Mini — Cloud Vapes

10 Best Enails Of 2017
Cloud Vapes

If you really want to eliminate the need for a torch and butane but still want to dab on the go, the best e-nail is the CloudV Electro Mini. The Electro Mini is the closest thing you’ll get to using a rig, nail and torch. You even Q-tip the atomizers like you would a quartz banger to keep things fresh.

Price: $149.99

Pros: The Cloud V Electro comes with a water attachment so you won’t even need a rig with this e-nail. The water makes it easier to stack large clouds of visible vapor while cooling the harshness of the vapor. On top of the included water attachment, they give you a tool and carb cap. The Cloud V is handy on the go as well as at home when you’re trying to be quick and quiet. Pull out the Electro Mini anytime you’re not willing to torch and wait for a nail to cooldown.

Cons: You won’t get as much of a balance of flavor and vapor as you would with a low-temperature dab out of a quality quartz banger. You’ll have to replace the atomizers about as often as you would purchase butane.

Why We Like It: Portable and it gives big rips with slim to no wait for oils to start vaporizing.

  1. Demonstration Videos? I like low surface area on my atomizer (nail) but am not good with butane/open flame. Too much surface area = more buildup and less precision to me. Going to check out the first one after reviewing a few and some like 710 that I already have. I’m moving towards something self-contained with low surface area and disposable parts. Also of interest was the box-mod type system. Honestly, I dont use tobacco and am not at all familiar with the box mod model.

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