10 Best E-nails for Cannabis Concentrates

Perfect temperature dabs without the need for torches and butane.
10 Best E-Nails Of 2017

1. Klear Kube One — August Haus

10 Best E-Nails Of 2017
August Haus

Most desktop e-nails come with similar parts and function about the same as a soldering iron, but you can expect more from the best e-nail. The Kube One is one of the best e-nails when it comes to innovation and functionality. In fact, it is the first e-nail which connects to your phone via bluetooth. If you’re looking for a completely proprietary and patented computer built specifically to make dabbing as easy and contemporary as possible, the Klear Kube One by August Haus was made for you.

Price: $230.00

Pros: Includes 30mm custom coil AND banger. Lifetime warranty. Bluetooth app allows you to control the LED light and temperature settings. Augusthaus understand the needs of the dabber as illustrated by the functions of the Kube One. The kit comes with their 25 or 30mm custom banger and a unique heating element that wraps around and under the banger. They also have quartz inserts for both sizes available for purchase.

There is a cleaning setting which will turn up your coil to burn any leftover residue off of your quartz banger. The glob setting allows you to turn the temperature up a bit to finish off the end of a large dab without having to turn the temperature up and then back down. You can child-lock the physical button so that the device can only be controlled through the app. The company offers free software upgrades for life.

The Kube One doesn’t look like your standard e-nail. This best e-nail could pass for a speaker and it’ll blend into any desk as long as no rig is attached. The Klear design is acrylic and designed to make the Kube One as affordable as some of the most basic e-nails on the market. You can also get a Kube One with a more stylish and durable steel body or the pictured wooden one at a slightly higher price from August Haus.

Cons: Sometimes the app says it can’t find the device even though it’s inches away. However, this only lasts for a few seconds before reconnecting and being able to control the device again. You can also use the physical button on the back to turn the heat on and off.

Why We Like It: Great room decoration with plenty of features that make dabbing easier and more enjoyable at a reasonable price.

Final Hit: Best E-nails 2017

The best e-nail for you will depend on how you live your life. If you’re in constant need of potent medicine you’ll benefit from having a portable e-nail for dabs on the go. If you pretty much only dab at home, you’ll enjoy your low temp dabs more using a rig and nail hooked up to a desktop e-nail. For beginners, a standard PID controller will do. However, if you’re looking to make a quality one-time purchase we recommend going with one of our more contemporary “smart e-nails” at the top of our list.

  1. Demonstration Videos? I like low surface area on my atomizer (nail) but am not good with butane/open flame. Too much surface area = more buildup and less precision to me. Going to check out the first one after reviewing a few and some like 710 that I already have. I’m moving towards something self-contained with low surface area and disposable parts. Also of interest was the box-mod type system. Honestly, I dont use tobacco and am not at all familiar with the box mod model.

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