The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Flower

The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Flower
Courtesy of Bud’s BFF

Bud’s BFF

Introducing Bud’s Best Friend Forever Preservation Pads

Bud’s BFF preservation pads are an exciting, revolutionary new product that has been tested and proven to preserve cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids for up to six months.  Their tests showed that flower stored using our pads had 22.3% more total THC after 45 days.  The loss of THC can be prevented by using Bud’s BFF pads.  This means a more medicinal and pleasurable smoking experience for months longer.  It works great for both growers as well as end users.

Bud’s BFF preservation pads are easy to use.  Simply press the self-adhesive preservation pad to a lid, reseal container, and store your flower as usual.  Their pads release a FDA approved safe and powerful antioxidant gas that surrounds your flower, slowing trichome oxidation and degradation. This results in flower that maintains freshness, suppleness, smell, and potency.

You have a premium cannabis flower, why not invest in a low cost solution to keep your flower fresh and more potent.  To order, visit A single pack retails for $5.99, and a triple pack for $16.99.  Try Bud’s Best Friend Forever today to see what the buzz is all about.  Bud’s BFF makes a great gift.

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  1. Fantastic product! I can’t believe I came across their ad in High Times. I was at the Chicago Cannabis Expo in September 2019 and came across their booth which looked like the busiest there. The owners were answering questions and handing out free samples. I grabbed one out of curiosity to test out their claims of preserving my flower. That night I stuck the pad inside my mason jar lid of my flower. Over time it did look like it was preserving the flower by it maintaining its color and smell. I thought my flower was also more pliable when I broke apart the flower to smoke. Highly recommended!

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