7 Ways to Make Your Next Sesh Stress-Free

Having the right tools is one of the ways to make your next sesh stress-free.
7 Ways to Make Your Next Sesh Stress Free
Everyone Does It

Living in the modern world can be incredibly stressful. Work, family, traffic, arguments in comments sections, and unskippable YouTube ads. It’s hectic and non-stop. From time to time it’s nice to slow down and unwind with a few tokes of your favorite strain of cannabis. You sit down to smoke and think to yourself, ‘Now, where are the papers, where’s there grinder, ah, it’s dirty. Where’s the cleaning brush, ah, STRESS!’

Stress is the last thing you need when you’re trying to unwind, unfortunately, the hectic nature of your day-to-day life has a habit of spilling over into your leisure time too. It’s difficult to take stock when you hardly have a moment to catch your breath. If you want a truly relaxing sesh, though, it’s important to put in a little bit of prep work ahead of time. Even a few minutes every day at the beginning or end of a sesh can ensure that there’ll be nothing standing between you and a nice, relaxing smoke.

Here are a few tips that will make sure that no matter how stressful your life is, your sesh will always be relaxing.

Keep Your Kit Together

7 Ways to Make Your Next Sesh Stress Free
Everyone Does It

There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a sesh and realizing that you can’t find half of what you need. Most kits feature a lot of small and easy to lose components—skins, screens, grinders—it’s easy to misplace all of these. It happens to us all. You put something down, ‘Just for a minute’, then you walk away and totally forget about it. The last thing you need when you sit down for a smoke is to have to get up and rummage through everything you own looking for your lost roaches. To avoid this, you need to invest in a case.

Keeping your smoking kit in a handy case like The Happy Kit will ensure that you never misplace any of your essentials ever again. One of the best features of the Happy Kit is the fact that it has been specially designed to be a smoking kit, it features straps, pockets and cutouts that hold all the various components of your dry herb in place. The Happy Kit is a must-have for an organized smoking kit and gives you the beginnings of a truly great kit

It comes with a glass pipe, acrylic grinder, rolling papers and a one-hitter. Each of which has its place in the kit allowing you to stay organized and stress-free!

Know Your Preference

7 Ways to Make Your Next Sesh Stress Free
Everyone Does It

We all have our preferred method of enjoying cannabis. Some like to roll a joint and some of us like pipes. To each their own! It’s fun to experiment with all the different way to smoke, but sometimes this can lead to a proliferation of unneeded accessories. If you want to make sure that your sesh is convenient and straightforward, then make sure you build your kit around the way you enjoy smoking most.

If you’re a bong fan, then you need to make sure your kit contains only a grinder, a cleaning kit, some screens and a decent lighter. If joints or blunts are your preference, then you’re going to want to stock up on papers, roaches and a grinder.

If you customize, you make sure that your essentials aren’t lost under a pile of useless junk!

Cleanliness Is King

The last thing you need when you’re sitting down to smoke is to pick up your bong and find it covered in grime, to find that your pipe’s air path is clogged with gunk or come face-to-face with an overflowing ashtray. It’s hard to relax in squalor, especially when that mess directly affects your sesh. We all know that a spilled ashtray heralds the end of any relaxation.

Taking a few minutes to clean up after each sesh may seem like a bother when you’re blissed out, but it will save a lot of stress in the long run. If you’re using a bong, pipe or vaporizer giving them a regular clean every few sessions will go a long way in ensuring that they’ll be ready for use whenever you pick them up!

Keep It Under Wraps

7 Ways to Make Your Next Sesh Stress Free
Everyone Does It

If you’re going through all the trouble of organizing your smoking kit you clearly value discretion. You want your kit to be private and you definitely want to make sure that all the components and any smells associated, stay in the kit. Cannabis has a distinctive smell. We all know this and we also know that smell can stick to everything: hair, skin and clothing. The smell of your herb can give you away. The Very Happy Kit is 100% smell proof, so you can rely on it to keep your dry herb under wraps. On top of this, it is a discreet and low-key case that looks like a first aid kit or medicine kit.

Keep A Versatile Kit

The more components you have in your smoking kit, the more there is for things to go missing or go wrong. A good way to cut down on the number of components in your kit is to choose pieces with multiple uses. A more versatile kit is a more efficient kit and a more compact kit. One way to cut down on a lot of bulk is a combination herb jar/ grinder. This will allow you to enjoy fresh cannabis and a thorough grind, all in one compact package! Another way a joint fan can cut down on components in their kit is to get a box of rolling papers with a perforated lid for rolling roaches.

Keep Your Cannabis In Good Condition

If you want a quality smoke, you need quality herb. You can spend all the money you have on high-quality cannabis strains, but if you don’t store it properly you’re going to end up with nothing more than stale herb and ruined flavor. You have to do something more than just stick your dry herb into a ziplock bag. You need to keep it in a case. While kits like the Happy Deluxe Kit may help to some extent thanks to their smell proof nature, it’s important that you get a proper, air-sealed box to store your herb. Ideally, this will fit in your smoking it, or at least, be kept near it.

Keeping your herb moist and tasty means that every sesh will be full of flavor and mellow.

Tidy Up!

7 Ways to Make Your Next Sesh Stress Free
Everyone Does It

When you’re not using your kit it should be packed away safely. Not only does this ensure that everything in your kit will be safe, sound and secure, it will also help you protect your privacy. Whatever your situation your mind will be at ease knowing that your smoking kit and cannabis are tucked away from prying eyes. It’s always nice to know that no one will be interfering with your kit when you’re not there!

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