Apple Betty by Herbies Seeds: 33% THC Terpene Treat for 4/20

Learn all about Herbies Seeds’ new potency champion as well as the seed bank’s other flagship strains—plus, when and where to get a huge discount on some of the best items in their impressive collection.
Courtesy of Herbies

This new, mind-warping miracle of a strain is the latest Herbies recipe for your perfect high holiday!

There are thousands of strain names out there that will make your nostrils dilate and your mouth water, but not a lot of them invoke the image of a fresh juicy apple. Apple flavors in weed are few and far between, but that’s exactly what makes them so sought-after by true cannabis aficionados. If you’re one of them, you’ll definitely love Herbies Seeds’ Apple Betty.

Of course, there are hundreds of apple varieties (and as many specific flavors), but the instantly recognizable smell of green apple peel is created by a rare terpene called alpha-farnesene. This terp is not well known and rather hard to come by, but it makes those strains that have it all the more precious. And no matter what your preferences in fruit might be, you can’t resist the temptation of 33% THC in your bud. Read on!

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Apple Betty is one of the latest additions to Herbies Seeds’ in-house line of super potent genetics. She’s a rather balanced hybrid of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica, but her effects, if anything, are meant to put you OFF balance.

She’s a three-way cross of Chem’s Sister, Sour Apple, and Chocolate Diesel—a rather intimidating family tree, and the one responsible for her unmistakably psychedelic effects. Expect all sights and sounds around you to become slightly off or downright otherworldly, and you’ll begin to notice strange patterns in everything you hear or see.

However, this isn’t the kind of trip that’s likely to turn bad—the dominating sensation is that of intense euphoria fueled by up to 33% THC. It would be quite risky to navigate your world being that high, but, luckily, Apple Betty quickly finds your center of gravity and pulls you irresistibly to the couch. No sense trying to fight it—this is where you’ll spend the rest of the evening, feeling blazed out of your mind and perfectly happy.

Theoretically, you could moderate this over-the-top potency by going low and slow, but who could resist taking another hit… and then another… of such delicious stuff? At times, it does seem like you’re tasting your nanna’s sweet and fragrant Apple Betty with notes of chocolate and cinnamon.

The Best Desserts are Always Homemade

Unfortunately, you won’t get a taste of Apple Betty by going to your nearest dispensary—not yet, anyway. Luckily for you, the breeder of the strain, Herbies, sells and ships these seeds almost anywhere in the world, including the U.S., and even a novice gardener can grow this beginner-friendly and rewarding cultivar. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A robust, medium-sized bush with sturdy but long branches
  • Only 55-65 days in flower or an outdoor harvest in late September
  • Yields of up to five pounds per plant outdoors and 2-2.5oz/ft² (600-800g/m²) indoors
  • Numerous dense, sugar-frosted colas, plus a lot of sticky trim for concentrates

With potency in the 28-33% range and such scale-busting yields, you’ll definitely be set up ‘til the next season or might even want to skip one or two—or, alternatively, make a LOT of friends very happy.

A Little Diversity? Get Apple Betty in a Mix

Courtesy of Herbies

Want to hear the good news? Herbies Seeds also sell Apple Betty as part of their Dessert Mix Pack. Banana Pudding, Apple Betty, Mango Mousse… just reading these strain names out loud is enough to make your stomach rumble.

These sweet after-dinner treats are all Indica-dominant and relaxing, but each in a different way. If you’re not ready to feel the universe’s full gravitational pull yet, maybe you should pass on Apple Betty for now and start with something more mellow like Mango Mousse. With 21-26% THC, this weed still packs some serious flower power, but leaves you calmer and at the same time, strangely elated.

Or how about the 25% THC Banana Pudding? There’s nothing disorienting about her high, which simply creates a feeling of happiness and contentment as you sail through a relaxed and cozy evening.

The Dessert Mix Pack contains five seeds of each strain and—this is the best part—you can buy it with a 35% discount during the High Holiday season—from April 18 to April 25.

Time to Take a Shot—a Mimosa Shot!

Courtesy of Herbies

Mimosa Shot is another cool strain by Herbies Seeds that’s worth your attention. Expect an intense tangerine aroma and no less of an intense punch. The experience of smoking these buds is really the same as doing shots, when every new puff pumps you up with liquid euphoria, making your spirit fly and your skin tingle. It’s like a whole binge-drinking night compressed into one joint, and thus perfect for a wild party with your best friends.

When creating this 65% Indica-dominant hybrid, Herbies crossed Mimosa and Fruit Punch, both famous for their delectable citrusy terpenes and their knock-out power. Mimosa Shot’s 30% THC provides for world-shattering intoxication, and the buds start to exude piercing fruity sweetness long before they’re ready for harvest. A proper long cure takes the terpene profile to yet another level, where every puff is like biting into a juicy tangerine with a spicy tang of black pepper on the exhale.

Again, the real-deal Mimosa Shot is something you’ll have to grow yourself, but the result is well worth the effort, and neither a long wait nor extra skills are required. Perfect for indoor setups, she’s a vigorous and strong plant whose branches are just sturdy enough to support the weight of her oversized and super dense buds.

Under carefully controlled conditions, she’ll bring in 2.6oz/ft² (800g/m²) of trichome-laden purple goodness in only 55-60 days of flowering. Just don’t ignore canopy management, such as low-stress training and defoliation, to make sure that every fat cola receives all the light it needs and that there’s enough air movement for a bountiful and healthy harvest.

Kick Back with Heavy Kickers

To those of you who’re into sky-high THC levels and huge discounts, Herbies Seeds offers the Heavy Kickers Mix that includes Mimosa Shot but also Grandmommy Purple and Godzilla Glue #4—five beans of each strain to add a bit of variety to your high-potency garden.

Courtesy of Herbies

With 27–33% THC, these heavy hitters don’t play games. They’ll either propel you into the stratosphere or land you on your butt. While Mimosa Shot fills you with unfocused savage energy, Godzilla Glue #4 drowns your inner beast in limitless euphoria, and Grandmommy Purple is like the ultimate bedtime story, leading you by the hand into a fairy tale full of bliss and magic until… it’s lights out.

With effects so distinct you won’t want any mix-up, we make sure all three strains are individually labeled, and the whole shebang is sold with a hefty 35% discount from April 18 to April 25—right around the 4/20 celebration.

The Science of Breeding at its Highest

The high potency of weed and its rich and varied terpene profile still remain the two single most important features of popular cannabis strains, so Herbies Seeds breed theirs with these characteristics in mind. High Times has already featured Grandmommy Purple as the breeder’s flagship genetics. Only a short while ago, her 33% THC was unrivaled. Now, you can see that Apple Betty and other varieties are catching up fast. We suggest you don’t lose sight of this amazing seed bank and remain up to date with its newest creations.

As for the upcoming 4/20 holiday, it’s the perfect time for you to order from Herbies. For a limited period of time, their great selection of weed genetics will be available to purchase with discounts of up to 80%.

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