The Best Smokable Hemp Strains of 2021

Diet Dank takes smokable hemp to a higher standard.
The Best Smokable Hemp Strains of 2021
Courtesy of Diet Dank

Diet Dank’s new Black Label series of hemp flowers takes smokable hemp to a higher standard. These buds are organically grown, slow-cured, and hand-trimmed, ensuring optimal flavor and potency. In this article, Diet Dank’s Black Label series will be highlighted, and you’ll see why it has been setting the market on fire in 2021.  

Bodhi Urban: The Breeder Behind Diet Dank

“The hemp industry is in the midst of a transformation,” says Bodhi Urban, a hemp breeder who has been lighting the way for the smokable-hemp industry. “New hybrids and sophisticated growing techniques are making hemp, particularly smokable hemp, one of the hottest products on the market today.”

In 2016, Urban introduced the first federally compliant smokable-hemp cultivar, Cherry Wine. He went on to develop many other varieties and, in 2020, founded Diet Dank, an online hemp-flower dispensary. Today, Diet Dank is the No. 1 supplier of smokable hemp in the United States.

Since its inception, Diet Dank has been smoking its competitors by producing boutique-quality hemp that is rich in CBD and other desirable compounds. Diet Dank’s buds are all-organic, pesticide-free, and fully compliant with federal THC regulations. The plants are grown indoors or in greenhouses, in small batches. This allows for maximum control of the environment, so the plants can express their full genetic potential. This year, Diet Dank is setting the standard even higher, with the introduction of the Black Label series of smokable hemp. 

Diet Dank’s Black Label Series

The Best Smokable Hemp Strains of 2021
Courtesy of Diet Dank


Slice is so tasty that everyone wants a cut. This variety delivers a sweet, earthy aroma and a calming and soothing effect. Slice is a hybrid of Tangistan R4 and Jackie Chan, two flavorful and potent hemp varieties.

The flowers of Slice are dense and frosty, radiating a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of diesel fuel and tart orange peel. The flavor is both sweet and sour, leaving a slight tingle in the back of the throat upon the exhale.

Slice is particularly rich in CBD, with most flowers containing between 12 percent and 20 percent CBD. Because of its abundant CBD content, this cultivar imparts a calming and relaxing sensation that is uplifting and motivating. Users report that this strain may relieve stress in the mind and ease tension in the body, while leaving users feeling lucid. These reported effects make Slice an excellent all-day variety.

The Best Smokable Hemp Strains of 2021
Courtesy of Diet Dank


Twist is one hemp strain that has users shouting for more. This high-grade hemp cultivar is a hybrid of Cobbler and Wife BX1—two varieties known for their abundant CBD content and mouthwatering flavor. Twist’s flowers are dense and frosty, and emit a scrumptious bouquet of tropical fruits and skunk. The smoke is smooth and coats the mouth with the sweet flavor of candied citrus.

Although Twist is rich in CBD, it is low in THC. As a result, this hemp cultivar provides a deeply relaxing sensation that soothes the body and mind, without leaving the user feeling intoxicated or drowsy. Its calming and uplifting effects make Twist an excellent choice for an all-day smoke. 

The Best Smokable Hemp Strains of 2021
Courtesy of Diet Dank

Wild Strawberry

Hemp smokers are crazy about Wild Strawberry. This cultivar is a select phenotype of Chardonnay, a well-known hemp strain that produces copious amounts of CBD.

As its name suggests, Wild Strawberry emits the sweet scent of fresh strawberry. When the buds are broken apart, they release a powerful aroma of flowers and berries, with hints of soil, pine, and cheese. Its sweet, fruity flavor lingers on the tongue long after the smoke has cleared.

Users report that this strain elevates the mood and calms the mind, without causing physical or mental impairment. Wild Strawberry makes for a delicious and relaxing late-night treat, but it can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Final Thoughts on the Best Smokable Hemp Strains of 2021

The hemp industry is evolving rapidly, and Diet Dank is leading the way. Diet Dank produces high-CBD, low-THC smokable-hemp buds that are sure to please both recreational and medical users. Diet Dank’s Black Label series offers hemp flowers that are grown organically, hand-trimmed, and slow-cured, ensuring that they are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The strains described in this article are lighting up the market, bringing consumers some of the most potent, flavorful, and aromatic smokable-hemp buds available today. Learn more about these hemp strains and other Diet Dank offerings here.

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  1. Living in an illegal state sucks in some ways. I wish I could order up an eighth of Slice and have it delivered by some kid in a snappy uniform, Or have marijuana delivery specialists who are celebrity impersonators. Your weed gets delivered by George Jones or Lady Gaga or Cyndi Lauper or Jerry Garcia. When it becomes legal here I will start the Lookaklikes company! I know lots of actors and impersonators.

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