Introducing the Funta THC Gummy Series! The Strongest Dispensary Grade THC

Indacloud creates legal Delta-9 THC gummies that you can buy without leaving your sofa. They’re serving up fun soda pop inspired Funta THC gummies for a limited time.
Courtesy of Funta

Indacloud puts the “Fun” in Funta!

For a limited time, Indacloud is offering a twist on one of your favorite childhood sodas and transferring those same nostalgic flavors over to their collection of Dispensary Grade THC Funta Gummies, the strongest THC gummies offered, using high quality Delta-9 THC! This rockstar company crafts top quality small batch vegan gummies that exceed industry standards and blow cannabis connoisseurs’ minds.

Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, hemp-derived Delta-9 has become legal, meaning these Funta THC gummies are ready to be delivered straight to your doorstep in 3-5 days or casually picked up from one of the 700-plus storefronts spread across the United States.

Excited to try these for yourself? Indacloud is slashing prices on their limited edition Funta gummies and offering an insane 40% off letting you get an entire pack of these delicious gummies completely free. If that wasn’t good enough, they’re also offering completely free nationwide shipping for a limited time, making the Funta temptation even harder to resist.

Read on to learn more about Indacloud’s limited edition Funta Gummies and why they’re the best option for THC gummies.

Courtesy of Indacloud


First, you might wonder, “what the heck is Delta-9?”

Scientifically the full name for Delta-9 is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, although you’ll most likely hear it referred to as Delta-9. Regardless, they’re all the same compound derived from either hemp or marijuana cannabis plants.

Delta-9 THC is the primary cannabinoid producing the psychoactive effects cannabis connoisseurs love and seek out. This compound is one of over 100 cannabinoids that the cannabis plant produces and the only one made federally illegal, dependent on state legislation.

So, the question is, how can I buy Delta-9 products aside from a dispensary? Luckily thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis brands like Indacloud could find a loophole.

Delta-9 THC can take on two forms: hemp-derived Delta-9 and marijuana-derived Delta-9.

However, Delta-9 is the same chemical compound, whether it comes from hemp or cannabis. In other words, Delta-9 has the same molecular structure regardless of its form, but federal law makes a critical distinction between the two.

Marijuana-Derived Delta-9

Marijuana is a naturally occurring cannabis plant known for its psychoactive effects and overabundant terpenes. The same terpene compounds are present in most plants and are responsible for those aromatic scents and medicinal benefits that we humans, conscious of or not, seem to love and benefit from.

Be that as it may, marijuana-derived Delta-9 is the most potent cannabinoid known to man, which is likely why it’s been classified as a class 1 drug, according to the DEA. Although, state laws don’t always follow national guidance.

Hemp-Derived Delta-9

The Controlled Substance Act only bans high-THC cannabis and the Delta-9 it contains. However, this brings us back to the 2018 Farm Bill loophole, which effectively legalizes Delta-9 as long as it comes from hemp.

As a result, innovative companies such as Indacloud started creating legal hemp-derived edibles, such as its Funta THC gummies. The only requirement is that hemp products contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight.


Now, time for the question that many may be wondering. With only 0.3% THC permitted, can hemp Delta-9 gummies and edibles induce psychoactive effects?

The answer: You bet they will!

However, strike with caution. Still, legal Delta-9 products can also produce potent psychoactive effects, similar to marijuana-derived cannabis strains. All are dependent on the number of milligrams the product contains. For example, Indacloud’s Funta THC gummies contain 200mg of Delta-9 THC per pack and remain under 0.3% of total weight. Ah, the power of an escape clause.

That’s not to say that these Funta gummies don’t pack a punch! When we say strike with caution, we mean it! We’d recommend starting with ¼-½…MAX per gummy for your first time. Indacloud uses dispensary-grade THC. Like the soda pop, too much of a good thing can be bad, meaning these gummies are the real deal and will get you real, real high.


This small-batched cannabis company stands out from the rest with its creative and unique branding and the mouthwatering flavors that it offers. Established in 2018, Indacloud was created to craft the perfect cannabis experience—an incredible time, a good laugh, a deep sleep, or simply a vacation from reality.

Indacloud is known for not only the best products on the market but also the safest. They ensure that every product is 3rd party tested to guarantee that you’re getting safe and consistent products every time at incredible prices.

By partnering with small family hemp farms throughout the Midwest, Indacloud can offer organic growing practices free from pesticides and heavy metals. In addition to creating ethically-sourced ingredients, Indacloud’s genuine passion for an excellent high and their love for the perfect cannabis experience sets this company apart from the others.

Courtesy of Indacloud


The strongest THC gummies that allow you to experience authentic Funta flavors in every bite!

Indacloud recently launched its new Delta-9 Funta series, its new buzz-worthy soda pop-inspired edibles. You can find these limited-edition vegan gummies in three juicy flavors: orange, grape, and strawberry. Every package contains 200mg of dispensary-grade THC and the satisfaction of a good time.


These orange Delta-9 Funta THC gummies are bright, bubbly, and fruity, making them the perfect Sativa Dominant gummies for this series. With a shockingly similar flavor to the original, you’d think they had broken into the soda factory.

We dare you to blind-taste test a friend and see if they can immediately recognize the flavor!


They should call this one purple punch because these Indica Dominant gummies will help you knock out for the night and have you sleeping like a baby! You can almost taste the nostalgia of memories from your younger years, sipping on a refreshing grape soda!

You’d swear you’re drinking the real thing.


Usually, strawberry soda wouldn’t be most people’s first choice of drink, but Indacloud made these Funta THC gummies better than the real thing! Made with Delta-9, these Hybrid-Dominant gummies are perfect for enjoying any time of day.

Day or night, enjoy a lusciously delicious and powerful high.


Get in on some of the most potent legal Dispensary grade THC gummies on the market. Indacloud is rolling out its Funta series of Delta-9 THC fruit soda gummies for a limited time. Are you looking for an edible for the morning? Afternoon? Night? Indacloud has you covered with its trio of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Funta THC gummies. Let your mind escape as your high settles in, and your mind drifts off to childhood memories of your favorite fruit soda.

Finally, Indacloud is taking 40% off the new Funta THC gummy series as an exclusive offer. Enjoy this limited edition Funta collection at a discounted price. You’ll also snag the third bag for free, plus free shipping. Gotta act fast and catch them all. They won’t be here for long! Claim this offer now before they’re gone.

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