LowPro Flower: Lush Foliage, Epic Bud Density, and Outstanding Trichome Production

LowPro Flower from Spectrum King LED is exactly what you need to get your home grow—or commercial grow—going.
Courtesy of LowPro Flower

The updated LowPro Flower from Spectrum King LED gives you a flowering fixture that fears no other product in the marketplace. It’s enhanced and updated in every aspect to bring forth a true proximity master where an intense, even canopy for rapidly growing plants is needed, be it a single layer or stacked multiple layers for vertical farming.

With Spectrum King LED’s patented, flowering plant spectrum, you can rest assured that your plants are getting exactly what they need in the full, horticultural bandwidth range. Full-spectrum LED grow lights are where the market is heading, and Spectrum King LED has led that movement all along, being the pioneers of full-spectrum LED horticultural lighting. They have been studying full spectrum longer than anyone else and have applied that knowledge to their fixtures.

Whether in multi-tiered, commercial grow spaces or a tent in a corner, the results speak for themselves. The LowPro Flower from Spectrum King LED  promotes lush foliage, tight branching, epic bud density, size, and great colors along with outstanding trichome production.

Their method clearly illustrates what giving your plants the proper dose of spectrum and intensity can do to get prolific rapid growth leading to higher quality, abundant yields. A highly efficient power supply brings you more light per watt, so you don’t need as many watts to get that full-spectrum, bright and intense light that your flowering plants crave.

Courtesy of LowPro Flower

That, combined with integrated, dual RJ12 ports for controlling your lights if you so choose that are compatible with many industry standard controllers, just makes them more versatile and flexible to fit your grow room needs.

Being one of the brightest grow lights in the industry and doing that with much less power than most of their competitors makes the LowPro Flower from Spectrum King LED really stand out as an efficient fixture. By spreading the light over the entire array evenly, it allows you to bring the fixtures closer to your plant canopy and mitigates any light loss for optimum usage of energy per square foot covered.

When you need the brightest grow light and still want to save power, Spectrum King LED is here to help with their energy-efficient offerings. The LowPro Flower is an outstanding product specifically designed with your flowering plants in mind, and your eyes need to see the growth and results to believe them. The days of mocking LED grow lights have long since passed, as they are outperforming all other fixture types. 

See what it’s like to be ahead of the curve and experience true plant performance with a LowPro Flower in your grow. You’ll see what sets it apart from other large, indoor grow lights.

For commercial grow operations, Spectrum King LED was also the first to offer 480V 3 phase Remote Power Systems to greatly expand your power options and maximize all of your invaluable amps of current you have for optimum results. Whether you choose to run your LowPro Flower units through their 480V 3 phase Remote Power System or standard wall outlet plug-in units, Spectrum King LED has you covered.

Custom mounting rail systems can be made to address atypical grow site dimensions on a commercial scale upon request. To date, Spectrum King LED has thousands of these units out there delivering outstanding results in facilities all over the world. Want to know more about the LowPro Flower from Spectrum King LED? Just call, email or check out their website.

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