Spectrum King’s LowPro Veg is a Gift for Vegetative Growth

The LowPro Veg from Spectrum King is the perfect tool for optimum vegetative growth.
Spectrum King LowPro Veg V2
Courtesy Spectrum King

The LowPro Veg from Spectrum King LED is the perfect tool for optimum vegetative growth for your cash crops. From leafy greens to cannabis “teens” to everything else in between on to mother plants this fixture should be considered your go to tool for vegetative plant development. Designed specifically for plant starts with high CRI (color rendering index) horticultural diodes for outstanding light quality with intensity levels to stimulate tremendous rapid growth. Made to blanket your plants in a bath of evenly spread light so no spot within your space is missed ensuring every plant placed under the fixture is properly covered.

LowPro Veg
Courtesy Spectrum King

Already in wide spread use across multiple market segments its reach just keeps on expanding. Why? Because it simply is that good as a consistent and reliable garden tool. Made by growers for growers and specifically engineered for vegetative growth it stands alone as the best thing a 4×4 veg space has had over it yet.

Once again Spectrum King LED changed the game with the introduction of the LowPro Veg and with their recent improvements to this outstanding product it just keeps getting better. Spectrum King LED clearly put in the work with live plants as their harshest critic and didn’t settle for anything but exceptional crop quality. Keep in mind all those years ago they were mocked about offering full spectrum in their grow lights but clearly they were ahead of their time as every other manufacturer scrambles to emulate the plant revolution they started.

LowPro Veg V2 front
Courtesy Spectrum King

Commercial Growers and Home Growers Alike Love the LowPro Veg

Whether in multi-tiered commercial grow spaces or a tent in a corner the results speak for themselves. The LowPro Veg delivers lush foliage, tight branching, along with great color and sheen on your plants reflecting the proper dose of spectrum and intensity to get outstanding rapid growth. Anyone who knows what healthy plants should look like just needs to see these lights in action with their own eyes.

Whether you need it to work with their 480V 3 phase Remote Power System for a large scale vertical farm or a standard outlet plug in unit Spectrum King LED has you covered. An easily assembled frame can have you up and running in just minutes from opening the box. Custom mounting rail systems can be made to address atypical grow site dimensions on a commercial scale upon request. To date Spectrum King LED has multiple thousands of these units out there delivering outstanding results in facilities all over the world.

The key to plant health lies in giving them what they need when they need it. The environment you put your plants is very important to their success and so are the nutrients you feed them but those won’t matter without the right quality and intensity of light above them to get them stimulated to eat and grow like you want them to. Spectrum King LED knows this and put years of research into the LowPro Series of lights. The LowPro Veg  is the right tool for the job when results count.

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