Sober Up and Stay the Course: CBD Takes on Alcohol Addiction

Can cannabidiol help counteract the negative impacts of alcohol consumption?
Sober Up and Stay the Course: CBD Takes on Alcohol Addiction
Courtesy of Sober Up

Do you suspect booze has been doing a number on you both physically and mentally? Many of us can relate. We go out, enjoy nights of wild abandon, or engage in good conversation while enjoying a few drinks. But some point, alcohol can get the best of us.

Maybe it’s the agony of a poorly timed hangover. Maybe it’s the trap of alcohol dependence. The day may come when we find ourselves scouring the Internet, hoping there’s an easily accessible drug out there to end cravings once and for all, so we can just have a good time.

For some, abstinence is the only way. Hats off to those with the commitment. However, the majority of drinkers want something to prevent hangovers, dampen cravings, protect the mind and body from alcohol’s insidious powers, or simply provide a natural way to sober up.

Does such a remedy exist? Maybe it does.  Maybe it’s more familiar than we realized.

Given the recent changes in the legal landscape involving cannabis, CBD is being studied for a multitude of benefits. It seems many of CBD’s benefits have been hidden under a legal bushel all this time.

Does CBD Help Addiction?

We love to be the bearer of good news.

CBD, a non-addictive component of the cannabis plant, shows promise in reducing impulsive desire. That effect is critical. CBD can beat the craving that once was an unbeatable foe. CBD can also lower the risk of relapse in people recovering from substance dependency.

This isn’t marketing hype. Nor is it wishful thinking. It’s the finding of a recent study, published in March 2018, in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. The beneficial effects of CBD that appeared in this preclinical proof of principle, published by Gustavo Gonzalez-Cuevas, G. et al ., turned out to be long-lasting . This was the case even in short treatment time.

The research team found CBD has significant potential to counteract damage induced by repeated alcohol use. Most interesting is the preventative effect against degeneration of neurons in the brain. Here’s what this research tells us:

●  Repeatedly ingesting CBD won’t harm us, so it’s a safe approach

●  In pre-clinical testing, CBD shows an ability to shield the brain from damage caused by repetitive
alcohol use

●  Even a brief CBD treatment can be protective with long term impact

Building on Prior Science

Back in 2015, a Canadian study out of  the Université de Montréal, urged that the “dreadful burden” of addiction worldwide made a pressing case for CBD research.

We now know CBD makes cigarettes less appealing to smokers. In fact, studies have even indicated that CBD can help them quit.

CBD has always helped weed smokers experience mellow, pleasant highs. When a pot smoker gets too stoned, CBD oil can help calm the high. According to biochemist Junella Chin, CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC.

Hangover Relief: Company Introduces Cannabis In a Detox Product

Now the makers of Sober Up ® are launching a CBD product to counteract alcohol’s unwanted effects.

The company knows their stuff. Original Sober Up®  blends turmeric, peppermint, and other natural components that support liver function, boost the immune system, stimulate blood flow, and enhance mental clarity. Consumers in the know use Sober Up®  to quickly reduce blood alcohol content after drinking.  Sober Up ® can be:

●  Taken before drinking, to calm the side effects and to preserve mental clarity.

●  Used to avoid getting “too tipsy” to make it through the evening gracefully.

●  Taken to boost the body’s natural detoxification powers and avoid the morning-after hangover.

Now, this natural herbal formula, already the go-to product of many social drinkers, will be enhanced by the known protective elements of CBD oil.

The mission: to help protect the brain and body, and enhance well-being in the ordinary, reasonable drinker. This is the spirit in which the Sober Up® CBD Detox Shot debuts.

CBD Takes Sobering Up® to the Next Level

The potential to support alcohol detoxification and curb dependence are among the most valuable potentials of CBD. This may be a game-changer in the worldwide, ongoing effort to support the well-being of people prone to addiction.

Sober Up® is currently running an IndieGogo Campaign to get its flagship product to consumers and announce it’s Sober Up® CBD line to High Times readers.

For those interested in CBD and addiction, check out the Sober Up Campaign for exclusive CBD-related perks for High Times readers:

  • An exclusive CBD Research Webinar with High Times executives and CBD industry leaders
  • Tickets to the CBD Research Conference in Beverly Hills, CA
  • A private lunch with top cannabis industry leaders and researchers

Check out their Indiegogo campaign here.

Sober Up and Stay the Course: CBD Takes on Alcohol Addiction
Courtesy of Sober Up
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