Spectrum King LED: New Product Lineup For 2021

Spectrum King LED has added some new and improved lights to their roster.
Spectrum King LED: New Product Lineup For 2021
Courtesy of Spectrum King LED

Spectrum King LED has always toiled long and hard to make the best full spectrum grow lights long before their competition even contemplated it. While others were still playing with red and blue lights, Spectrum King was already years-deep into broad spectrum grow lights and refining them over real plants, cycle after cycle.

They take pride in staying abreast of any technological advances that could help them on their quest towards making the best lights in the world for everyone, from the home hobbyist up to large scale commercial grow facilities. They know it is results that count. That always was, and still is, their main goal.

Spectrum King LED Has Some Exciting New Products

Spectrum King LED is proud to announce their 2021 lineup of products, all of which have been completely overhauled, reimagined, and reengineered to get growers worldwide, big and small, the best results in their gardens.

Whether you need a grow light for an indoor operation or for greenhouse supplemental lighting, their 2021 line has something in store for you. The all-new SK603 takes all the best traits of their game changing SK602 and makes it an absolute beast in an all-new body with better thermal management, a larger and higher performance light engine powered by Samsung horticultural LED’s, a higher efficiency driver (power supply) so you get more more light per watt consumed, and a conformal coating that does not color shift or block light output.

Gone are the days of glass lenses and pressure valves needed; they get more performance to your plants through their new encapsulated protection layer over the diodes and connectors while maintaining that critically important IP65 rating.

The SK403 moves to being a true sibling to the SK603 with a significant increase in output while staying at the same power consumption of the stalwart SK402. The SK403 has a completely reimagined light engine with abundant performance gains and a new form factor, new reflector and conformal coating layer. Replace up to a 1,000 watt single ended bulb with just 440 watts!

Spectrum King LED: New Product Lineup For 2021
LowPro Veg; Courtesy of Spectrum King LED

Moving on to their LowPro Series lights, both the LowPro Veg and LowPro Flower got complete overhauls. Modified extrusions and endcaps with the main connector moved for easier access and installation into a click-into-place frame make setup take no time at all! All new light engines and diodes with an even better spectrum and intensity levels for any and all vertical grow needs.

The LowPro Veg was already becoming an industry standard for commercial facilities and with the new LowPro Veg V2, they have improved its performance and aesthetic look to a more refined and easier to install unit—which is now also lighter. Now with Samsung horticultural LED’s specially treated to withstand intense vertical garden environments while giving your plants what they need to flourish and grow rapidly.

Spectrum King LED: New Product Lineup For 2021
LowPro Flower; Courtesy of Spectrum King LED

The updated LowPro Flower V2 gives you a flowering fixture that fears no other product in the marketplace. It’s enhanced and updated in every aspect to bring forth a true proximity master where an intense even canopy for rapidly growing plants is needed, be it a single layer or stacked multiple layers for vertical farming.

When performance and results matter, Spectrum King LED is now, and has always been, up to the challenge. The new SK 2021 lineup is completed with the all new Mother’s Lil’ Helper and Closet Case 140 watt lights. So from a simple home grow up to massive facilities, SK 2021 product offerings have something for everyone. 

Get your grow on!

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