The FLÜT—A MISHMASH Dial-in Exclusive

A whole new experience to vaporization.
Courtesy of FLÜT

Say hello to my little friend. Meet the all-new FLÜT: your new premium tabletop vaporizer for cannabis concentrates. And it comes with not one, but two types of glassware for you to sip your tasty dabs with no water required! So, raise your FLÜTs and cheers to that! No worries, you will cheer again at the end.

Introducing a whole new experience to vaporization, it’s called: NOSTALGIA. Do you remember your first time…? One toot and the FLÜT will send your senses back in time feeling “just like the first time.” Reminisce upon those epic times and relive those unforgettable experiences you miss so dearly, once again. With four variable voltage setting profiles and up to 30 seconds ‘til blast off, just choose your perfect combination for an awesome mission to Mars.

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin… Here’s the breakdown:

Courtesy of FLÜT

The Vaporizer Base
Sleek design with a soft-touch finish and electroplated accents. Its 1600mAh built-in lithium battery comes with MISHMASH’s new safety feature, Lithium Cell Protection™, that prevents malfunction while charging. Tap through all four voltages, from 2.8V-4.0V, to find your ideal setting to get the best flavor and vapor production in every hit. It’s also equipped with a 30-second auto start which you may stop at any time to control how long your vape session lasts. This way you will not blow up in smoke as you ease into the power of the FLÜT. Enjoy your favorite concentrate with your choice of FLÜT coil atomizer or screw on any 510 thread cartridge to the adapter!

The Glassware
All dishwasher safe FLÜT Glasses and Coffee MÜGs were specifically designed to snugly fit the FLÜT bases, and they come with branded color-combined silicone parts. Whether you want to sip an Indica or drink your Morning Hybrid Blend from a straw, the FLÜT glassware has you covered. Throwing a party? Get a couple, a 4-pack, or a 6-pack of FLÜT Glasses or MÜGs and be the hit of the party. Now you can share without sharing and everyone will still get blazed.

Courtesy of FLÜT

The Accessories
All the essential merch to get the party started (well, you’ll still need to BYOC). From thin dab mats that can withstand temperatures up to 400F to dab handles with changeable tülz – the pick, sickle, and shovel – these are only some of the perfect compliments to the FLÜT. But wait, there’s more! Choose from triple quartz coil or ceramic coil atomizers. Other accessories include MISHMASH™ USB-C cord and adapter, custom lanyards, and more to take you to your happy (burnin’) place.

The Bundles
MISHMASH’s flagship FLÜT Bundles come fully loaded with everything there is to offer: FLÜT Vaporizer Base, FLÜT Triple Quartz Coil, FLÜT Ceramic Coil, FLÜT Glass and/or Coffee MÜG, Lanyard, Dab Mat, TÜL (Pick, Sickle & Shovel), UL Wall Adapter, and USB-C Cord. All hardware and accessories are packed inside the vintage yet modern TÜLBOX or LÜNCHBOX, making it easy to take your vaporizer experience with you wherever the next session is. It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started. So, whether you’re at home or in the great outdoors, these FLÜT Bundles have you covered!

TÜLBOX / Courtesy of FLÜT

Now, if you really want to rock everyone’s world and go dabbing in the Metaverse, the MISHMASH Crew also has you covered with their NFT Exclusive Bundle. This limited-edition MISHMASH x MAYC25317 is an industry-first and the ultimate collection piece to your 420 drip. Starring MISHMASH’s Mutant Ape Yacht Club 25317 artwork and properties, this bundle is literally Ape Sh!t.

Ready for liftoff? Visit to learn more and start your countdown to a whole new experience to vaporization. All products are available for pre-order now. Don’t be left empty-handed when everyone raises their FLÜTs… and cheers (again) to that!

Add Promo Code: HIGHTIMES420 at checkout for a 10% off your entire purchase.

For wholesale and distribution inquiries holla back at

Courtesy of FLÜT

FLÜT Product Specs
Input Voltage: 5V/1A • Output Voltage: 2.8V-4.0V • Output Current: 3.5A-5A • Output Power: 10-20W • Battery: Lithium Battery • Capacity: 1600mAh • FCC, CE, and RoHS Tested & Compliant.

About the FLÜT Creators
MISHMASH is an established B2B cannabis branding, product development, and manufacturing company. With their signature Dial-In process and OEM/ODM solutions, they are the perfect partner for any cannabiz brand global expansion. For general inquiries visit or holla back at  

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