Top 10 Strains to Pair with a Rose Blunt

Want to smoke a rose blunt but don’t know what flower to roll inside? Here a list of our top strains for the ultimate flower power experience.
Top 10 Strains to Pair with a Rose Blunt

Rose blunts — a blunt rolled with fresh rose petals rather than standard papers — are all the rage. On the surface, it may just seem like an aesthetic and trendy way to smoke herb, but thanks to a terpene known as geraniol, there are actually a few benefits that come with rolling your greenery in a flower petal. The naturally-occurring oil is found in roses and is said to have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. It’s also found in other fruits and herbs including lemongrass, peaches, passion fruit, blackberries, blueberries, and cannabis. So, then, what are the best strains to pair with a rose blunt?

We recommend going with greens that are sweet or fruity. This way, the herb will compliment the flavor of the flower. On the flip side, try to avoid strains that are spicy or musky—it will overpower the light essence of the rose. To help you save time (and flowers), we’ve crafted a list of our top favorite strains to roll with roses. Enjoy!


Although Headband traditionally has a strong diesel flavor, the undeniable hints of lemon-citrus lighten the taste just enough, making it a perfect strain for those who aren’t completely sold on sugary strains. This well-known hybrid has a nice high, but its heavy cerebral effects can creep up on you. This strain is perfect for the days when you’re obligation-free. What better way to practice self-care than rolling up a rose joint and chillaxing all day?

Amnesia Haze

If you need a little energy boost, Amnesia Haze can help you feel uplifted and ready to face the day. It’s good for mornings and activity-filled schedules where you need to be productive, focused, and attentive. It’s also suitable if you’re fatigued and want to feel calm yet energized while you reboot.

Sweet Skunk

Anyone looking for a hard-hitting cerebral high that launches you into sweet daydreams of rainbows and clouds will surely love this potent hybrid. If you don’t over-do it, though, it’s possible to remain alert and productive. Combined with the majestic stress-lifting properties of roses and Sweet Skunk, you’ll feel fantastic either way. The taste leans more towards sweet than skunky, and leaves traces of earth-flavored notes on the palate. Sweet Skunk can help improve your mood and ease your nerves thanks to its balanced genetics consisting of Northern Lights and Skunk No. 1.

Strawberry Cough

Like the name suggests, the smell and taste is sweet and fruity just like strawberries. It’s a quick-hitting, euphoric high that can help reduce stress, melt away anxiety, and leave you feeling carefree. This is a good strain for social settings, as it doesn’t inhibit your ability to communicate, or be energetic and upbeat. Although, the best setting to enjoy a Strawberry Cough rose blunt would be in a strawberry field– because that’s what the Beatles would do.

Cherry Cookies

Fans of the infamous Cookies franchise will likely dig this delicious, tangy cherry strain. It’s a true hybrid strain that makes you feel simultaneously relaxed and alert. Choose this strain for watching movies, lurking on social media, and other low-key activities where you can allow your attention to stray a little every now and then.

Kandy Kush

When the two classics, OG Kush and Trainwreck, came together and created a Kandy Kush love child, Sour Patch Kids and Skittles rained from the sky. Okay, maybe that happened because we smoked a bit too much Kandy Kush, but either way, it was a magnificent sight. This indica-dominant hybrid strain tastes earthy, while still maintaining strong candied undertones. You can plan on feeling a tranquil, serene high that will plop your head in the clouds while allowing your body to release any tension it’s holding onto.

Berry Bomb

Although the smell is a little pungent, Berry Bomb has a strong blueberry flavor that borders on perfume-y. It won’t knock you out but it can help ease you into sleep if you struggle to rest when it’s time to unwind. This hybrid offers a full-body buzz that can soothe sore, tight muscles. Combining this strain with a rose pedal, the smoking experience might feel like you’re inhaling the vapor of an essential oil diffuser.

White Lavender

This subtle, flowery hybrid compliments the taste of rose petals without overpowering it. You can expect a pleasant, mild buzz with lots cerebral activity. The high comes on fast and lingers for a little while. It’s good for inspiring creativity, reducing anxiety, and managing pain.

Rose Bud

Indica lovers will enjoy this floral strain with a flavor profile that effortlessly complements the rose petal. It begins with a clear-headed buzz that blossoms into a deep stoned sensation that makes you feel a bit drowsy if you smoke a lot of it. If you keep it easy, though, you’ll be in a good mood without feeling drained of energy.

Pink Champagne

Sometimes referred to as Raspberry Kush, this indica strain is a good choice for an evening smoke when you’re ready to wind down. It’s a mix of Grandaddy Purple and Cherry Pie with a flavor profile that’s grapey and sweet with a hint of berry. Use it when you want to get rid of a headache or ease discomfort in the body.

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